Quiet Poetry Lounge : Color me Black


Lyon King Admin.
Mar 21, 2001
Each stroke paints me black
every mold sculpture in wax
inking my soul dark n' lovely
night glo made me brotherly
printed deep in my awareness
living in da color of deed
forth my ancestors creed
as i was created by night
birth unto da light
mental mind vision i sight
he colored me black
higher power yeah!
dat's right as i lift my fist
black shades afro fro
pick to da side as i ride
on da galaxy of my morrow
i am yes brother soul power
to canvas lay da brush
mixes to black n' blue
as i come out blackish tone
speaking ghetto to da bone
fighting thy struggle goes on
in da temptation poverty song
i'm what i am and i know who i am
colored me BLACK

who are u ?
are u true to the rule
what can u change
in this american game
do u point seek to blame
or do u recall thy fame
was u colored as i was
or did u come unknown shade
from the ground i was made
and to the ground my shell
will be laid i am Black
meet my shadow call me
as i and myself revisit

I wonder who are u ?:qqb010:
Black is the most powerful nutural color ever spoke upon
black is the night where many things seen in beautiful glo
blackout is soundless and opens the mind of thinking
as well sleep as the light of white shade can be fatal and harmful

I am proud to be what i am and that i am BLACKKKK!!!
thankz watz ...
This piece makes me want to revisit the whole Civil Rights Movement and Black Power era if I could turn back the hands of time. I can hear history in your words. My favorite line of all is, "i was created by night
birth unto da light." It made me think about plantation owners making children with black women in the cover of darkness and trying to hide them once they were born, but no matter their attempts to these children the truth always came to the light. This is revolutionary Rich!


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