Black Short Stories : college life

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    a story me and my girl are working on :grouphug: it and let us know what u think.

    It's gonna happen. I just know it and it's gonna happen soon. I've got one more year before I get out of here. I'll have my degree,I'm gonna have me the right man,and with a little luck I'll have Amari out of my life for good.****,I hate the thought of her.
    You hate the thought of who? Milani asked as she walked through the door.
    Oh girl,what's up? I was just thinking of Amari as usual. Do you know she told Shannon that I was up in her man's room kissing him Saturday night.
    Well...what were you doing up there?? said Milani,
    Nothing, I wasn't even there to see him,I went looking for Kevin.He asked me for my math notes.
    Keisha, why do you insist on letting that girl get next to you? If she wants to spend her time making up lies just let her.Nobody believes a word that comes out her mouth anyway. You know Kevin likes you that's the only reason she's all up on you to start with.
    Why do you say that?
    Say what? Please don't stand there and act like you have no idea that boy has a crush on you,he has since freshman year.
    Whatever,Keisha said grabbing her keys.Right now I don't have time for Kevin or any
    other tired *** brotha.
    Now Keisha why the brotha gotta be tired ? you know you like him.
    Well,even if that was the case and I do stress IF...I don't have time for the stress and
    drama of a relationship right now.And speaking of time I'm about to be late for class.
    Alright girl,well meet me after your English class and we'll go to the Den for lunch.
    Cool,Keisha said as she closed the door behind her.

    "Aye yo Keisha we over here" said Tammi
    Hey ya'll! Where's professor Long? I know she's not late as much she rides us about it said Keisha.
    She's in her office with Dean Shepard said Dante'.
    I wonder what thats about?
    It's not important you should be happy professor Long didn't see you creepin in her class five minutes late said Dante'.
    Well, everybody can't be like you ..."Mister Valedictorian"
    Yeah, thats right everbody can't be like me so don't hate!
    Yeah,yeah Keisha said as Professor Long walked in the room.
    "**** look at professor Long !" said Tammi
    She sexy for an older woman look at them titties...I bet her nipples get real hard.
    What you think Keisha?
    Now you know I dont swing like that Tammi but i know you do and I heard your sister does too.
    "Oh yeah",Well maybe then you and Kev could make that love connection huh" said Tammi
    Why is everybody suddenly trying hook me and Kevin up?
    Have you ever thought that nobodys trying its just obvious that he likes you said Dante'
    It's also obvious that you three arent paying any attention says professor Long
    "Sorry professor" they all sighed.
    Besides there's only 15 minutes left mumbled Keisha.

    "Girl where have you been?" Milani asked as Keisha walked up to her table.
    Lani why did I listen to you,why didn't I just leave this place when I had the chance.
    " Here we go again",Milani said softly as she picked at her fries.
    I mean really...why do I need to prove myself at this stupid school anyway? I'm tired of these boring classes,tired of everybody's nose in my business and...(Just as Keisha was about to say her next word Amari and Tammi walk up.)
    Ummph,what's up Milani...see you still hanging out with the same old trash.
    "You really got a problem with me...huh?", Keisha said jumping up, well since you
    do let's solve it right now. Why you always gotta be such a silly *****? You got way
    too much time and obviously way too little life.
    " Wait,Wait,Wait" tammi said jumping in between them.Why yall gotta be at each other's throats all the **** time? Amari why you come over here with that ****,I told you outside,you're my sis and Keish is my girl and I'm not gonna be
    put in the middle.
    Wait,first of all who asked you to be in the middle anyway.You only tripping cause of her little slave anyway.
    "Watch what you say Amari",Tammi said with a more than serious look.
    Or what?,thought you were so full of all that gay pride.Why you scared to tell the little nerd you like her.
    "Shut the hell up Amari", Tammi said stepping closer.
    Look tell you what, stay here with your little girlfriend and your low life friend ."I got
    better things to do than fight with you over...nothing", Amari said pointing at Keisha.
    Hey baby what's up?,Kevin said kissing Amari on the cheek.C'mon I gotta hurry up
    and eat, coach wants to see me before my next class.
    "Alright let's go then", Amari said clutching on to Kevin's arm.
    Oh Keisha,I wanna know if you can let me get those notes again.I went out with the
    fellas saturday,but if I had known you would stop by...I would have waited for you,
    Kevin said .
    Well I'll bring them to practice this me by the girls locker room.
    Alright I'll do that then...said Kevin
    "I dont know why he just doesn't ask you out.. That boy doesnt need those notes...He got them from Jamal earlier today I know cause I over heard them talking about it"said Milani.
    "Keisha, Amari's my sister and all but, I think Kevin deserves better"
    and before Tammi could finish Milani interrupts and says "Dont you think so?"
    as she looks Keisha directly in her eyes.
    Well I must admit that Amari's all wrong for Kevin but he's gotta be with her for a reason say Keisha as if she could end the conversation on that note.
    "I bet you I know why" says Milani
    "It's because he cant be with you...I mean...I cant fault him I'd be scared to approach you too,You act look you dont need anything or anyone.Dont get me wrong Keisha I'm not saying theres anything wrong with being independent or goal oriented but you gotta make time for you, baby.You cant spend all your time aspiring to become this superstar you dream so much about.Keisha if its meant to be, baby, It Will Be." says Milani as they get up ,grabbing their trays.
    Well, **** why yall looking at me like that...Can I have my face back please says Keisha rolling her eyes at Milani and Tammi.
    No, we want to hear what you gotta say... dont think you're gonna get out of this one so easy cause we all know its the truth, says Tammi
    And before Keisha could say anything Kevin walks up and asks "What you ladies talking about?"
    "Nothing" they all say at once.
    Well,I was just coming over to ask if I could walk you to your room now and pick up those notes.I ummm,I gotta meet Amari before the game and I didn't wanna chance missing you....I mean the notes.
    Kevin, I don't know....I mean I don't need the drama.
    "Look lemme worry about that,there won't be any drama", Kevin insisted as he reached for Keisha's tray.
    Tammi and Milani are awed by Kevin's blatant atttempt to be alone with Keisha,without realizing it,Tammi answers for her without hesitation.
    She's ready Kev...Tammi blurted,pushing keisha slightly in the arm.
    "Good" ,Kevin said smiling with everything he had. I am walking with my worst enemies man.Listening to him talk and I can't help but wonder.I mean look at him,he is too fine,and the captain of the football team,starting forward on the basketball team,and let's nor forget a Big Brother at Alpha Kai Psi. Why shouldn't I want him.

    So,you looking forward to the game tonight,kevin said just barely cutting his eye at Keshia.
    Yeah,actually I am there's a new cheer we been working on and......
    Look Keisha,I know we been cool ever since freshman year but I gotta tell you
    Yeah,what's up?
    Stopping cold in his tracks Kevin walks in front of Keisha and grabs her hand
    "I'm tired of pretending I don't want you Keshia" Kevin said with a whisper.

    Everything could have just stopped right then.I mean the world could have collapsed right then and there and I would never have known it.Is he serious ?, Could it really be true? Oh my God, everybody really could see it....everybody but me.

    Keisha I've had a crush on you every since I saw you on the field my freshman year.
    I couldn't even focus on the game cause you had my attention ... and you still do. I've been building up my courage to tell you this for awhile now...I dont know what it is about you, but I just can't seem to get it together around you.I mean I'm just so.....

    "Wait a minute Kevin",Keshia said laying one finger on Kevin's lips.
    No, you wait a minute.
    For almost 3 years now I been kidding myself. I really wanna be with you,and you
    can say what you want but I know you want me too. Listen Keisha I don't care how long it takes to prove just how I feel about you just know I'm not giving up till I do.
    Kevin,please don't do this.
    Don't do what? Kevin said stepping back.

    I could see the little wrinkles in his brow,he was so **** serious.This wasn't a joke
    he was really sincere.****,why me?? this is no where near what I need right now.

    Don't do this,Keshia said turning to walk away.
    What Kevin?, what? there can be no us.I've got enough on my plate right now.
    So much that you can't be happy.
    "See that's where your wrong", Keshia said with all the certainty she could muster,
    I am happy Kevin.

    Walking away from Kevin for some reason was alot harder than I would have ever imagined .I wonder,why the sudden need for coming clean,why is today so different than any other. I'm trying not to look confused, not to be confused, but somehow I know it's not working.Today has got me feeling in a way I haven't felt since I was 9 th grade....Kevin did something to me with his words.....he's put me somewhere I never thought I could be again.

    Ring Ring
    Milani guess what just happened?
    Let me guess...Kevin asked you out said Milani
    Yeah Girl!
    Well it's about time...Wht did he say?
    He said that he had a crush on me since freshman year and he was tired
    of pretending Kiesha says with a smile.
    Now tell me that you don't feel the same...I've seen how you look at him..why don't you just give him a chance and go from there.
    Milani, how many times do I have to tell you I don't have time for the stress of
    a relationship and besides he's with Amari.
    See Kiesha there you go lying to yourself again...Can you honestly say that your not lonely...that you dont want someone to hold, someone to love?
    (Theres a silence of Kiesha's end of the phone)
    Well! says Milani
    Ummph... speechless huh?
    Keisha just be real with yourself...why do you feel like you need to put up a front like you dont need nobody when we both know different.
    Besides it's been 3 years gone and let em knock them cobb webs out that thang.
    (they both laugh)
    Look at the time I gotta get ready for the game. You comming right?
    Yeah, of course I haven't missed a game this year.
    Well alright girl I gotta go. Keisha says as she's about to hang up
    Aye Kiesha!
    whats up?
    Think about what I said and let your heart lead you...okay
    I will Lani...see you at the game
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    Hey gurl,

    I am most def diggin your story here. The dialogue is for real and interesting, and it all flows together well. When do we get to read the next segment of this saga? :D
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    very nice story here i hear ya
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    Tight!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to read the rest of it.
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    Thank u Rich

    Ty for your kind words,I have read many of your posts and your words mean alot to me.I appreciate for the love brother and you will definately be hearing more from me.
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    Now I am all too delighted that u found my story a good took so long for more replies I was beginning to wonder,lol.Ty for the love.