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    I need some help on how I can eat healthier, but I've got alot of things working agaisnt me.

    1.) I'm a very very picky eater
    2.) I love junk food
    3.) I'm in college so I don't always have the money to buy real food
    4.) I'm just learning how to cook for myself & everything I can cook is fating
    -pasta -tacos
    -hamburgers -pepperoni rolls
    -chili -everything else is typically frozen

    I know I need to start eating healthy, cus even though I'm skinny now sooner or later metabolism and other things will catch up to me. So anyone got some advise for what I shood do.


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    Peace BallofConfusion:

    Just like you, I am also an Undergraduate College Student. I am at an HBC/U, reside on-campus, and have to utilize the Dining Facility.
    Let me cut to the chase.

    - For one day, try to spend the whole day not watching TV, listening to radio, etc. The foods that are not good for us call on us every single time we tune into the Media, which is full of calling you to eat bad foods.

    - Try to go one day without eating Dinner. Dinner is supposed to be a meal that you eat on Moderation (meaning every now and then); try it out some time, and see what happens. Your body will more likely than not lose the habit of digesting food night-after-night (you’ll understand this deeper as you take on a new way of Eating)

    - Drink plenty of Water. I prefer Artesian Water – it is prepared much safer. My recommendation is 6-8 glasses a day. If you can not get glasses, try 4-5 bottles of Water a day. If you are unable to find Artesian Water, find Purified Water. This too is fine. Also, if possible, try to find a Poly-carbonated Bottle to drink out of. It is much better than the traditional plastic you may encounter on a daily basis.

    - Stay as close to a Wholistic/Holistic Diet as possible. Whenever you have anything containing Oats, Bran, Green Veggies, Carrots, yams, Sweet Potatoes, go for it.

    - Drink a glass/bottle of Water at least 10 minutes prior to eating, then drink another Glass/Bottle between 30 minutes – 1 Hour after you have eaten. Be aware that the body, for the most part, gets rid of food at least 4 hours after you have eaten it. You do not want to cause too much interference with the Digestion process.

    - Get into the habit of eating Beans and Nuts. More specifically, I recommend Kidney Beans. I also recommend Brazil Nuts and Almonds. Brazil Nuts, arguably, are the best Nuts to eat. However, do not eat too many of them at a time, seeing as how they may dry up your throat (the same with Sunflower Seeds). If you the chance to choose between Raw/Whole and Roasted and Salted, I recommend that you choose Raw/Whole Natural, because they contain little to no salt. The salt intake that you will need will be in other foods that you eat (you’ll find that out as you eat daily).

    - Be aware of the Dangers and Benefits of Proper/Improper Food Combining. For example, the worst case of Food Combining can be contributed to that of Subs and Sandwiches. Mixing Bread with Veggies and Meat is a big time no-no, as well as adding Mayonnaise, Mustard and Oil(s) to it. That is very dangerous. If anything, eat the Bread alone/separated, and eat the Meat alone/separated.

    - I am fighting to stay as far from consuming Meat as I can. However, I will not exactly recommend that you do the same thing – after all, it is your Body, and you make the choice as to what will and/or will not go into it. If you do choose to eat Meat, try to stick with Turkey and/or Fish. However, do not make a habit of going after Fried Fish (fried foods destroy your cells, and clog your arteries, plus I pray that you do not become a victim of Hypertension/High Blood Pressure); look for the non-fried Fish, and eat in Moderation.

    - Stay away from the vending machine(s) if you can. They are filled with foods that have stacks of Sugar, Salt, and many dangerous chemicals that do more harm to the body than good. Substitute this with Bananas and/or Nuts (Pecans, Almonds, Brazil Nuts).

    - If you can find Watermelon, add this to your diet as well. However, eat the Watermelon alone when doing so. Watermelon is 92% Water (8% melon/fruit), so it is almost like “drinking.” After about 30-45 minutes (or maybe an hour), it should be okay to eat something else. Again, you do not want to destroy digestion in your body.

    - It is said that 30-45 minutes of walking a day increases your life-span. Since you are on a College campus, especially if you live on campus, you may already be doing this. However, if you are not doing it, I would start taking walks periodically. As a matter of fact, I would not even do 30-45 minutes – I would say about 90 minutes would seem better.

    - When you are studying, if you plan on eating anything, I would encourage eating fruits, nuts, and/or veggies, but not too many. Being “full” and trying to “focus” do not exactly go hand-in-hand.

    - Get at least 7 hours of sleep, with at least one nap a day (between noon and evening). It is also said that the more time spent sleeping/napping, the healthier your brain cells function. This is very good practice, especially when you have frequent quizzes/tests/exams.

    - Go to sleep 4-5 hours after you have eaten your last meal. In other words, if you have a meal at 6:00 PM, go to sleep around 10-11 PM. This will keep you from facing the problem of Constipation.
    That is what I have for now. As I think of more, I will add them to this post here. Hope this works out for you!