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    Hey family. I know I have been gone for awhile, but I just started college and have had a lot on my mind. I'm at a huge university and I feel truly lost, but I get the feeling that if I was at a community college I would feel the same way. I no longer know what I want to do with my life and I feel like I don't know myself anyone. Is there anyone else out there who had to grapple with these problems when they started the journey to higher education? If so, how did you conquer whatever was holding you down? Please help a sister out.
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    Hello sister:

    Deciding to attend a college is truly a personal choice. It is recommended that people visit college campuses before they decide to enroll, because the size of a school (and its demographic makeup) is very important. If you are the type of person who thrives when given individual attention, then a large university is not an environment you’d want to be in. From what you described, I suspect this might be the case. Since you are already in school, let’s deal with how to cope with your current situation instead of what you should have done.

    It is normal to not know what you want to do while in school. I believe the average student changes their major 3 times by the time they graduate (I changed my major 4 times). What you should do now is take a wide range of classes and see what you like best. If your workload is too much, then take fewer classes next semester. Their should be counselors who you can discuss your concerns with as well. I think students should at least stay 1 year at a school to see if it is where they want to be. However if you aren’t happy, then transfer to another school, which better fits your personality/needs. Good Luck!
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    Hey, I felt the same way when I first got to college. So, I know how you feel. Bigger many people...learning your way friends (at first anyway)...and everything seems so new to you. But trust me, give it a few weeks and you'll fit in as snug as a bug in a rug.

    I didn't have the best grades coming out of high school but I knew I was no dummy. My first class was a history course. On the very first day, the professor asked a question about the Harlem Renaissance. I knew of Harlem...but I didn't know of any renaissance. I felt lost and dumb because I didn't know what they knew. I thought it was too much for me to handle. That one thought of self-doubt came from one discussion between a professor and classmates. I felt bad because I couldn't participate...didn't have anything to add to the discussion. Then, I went home and read the dang book. It was all there. :lol: Some students did that...purchase the book and read the first chapter before attending the first day of class. They looked smart and I didn' least, that's how I felt. Some of them could have known about the Harlem Renaissance before reading the text. But, my point is this, when you put forth the effort to participate in your class, learn your way around the campus (the eating spots, the hangout spots) and get to know a few people, you'll be fine. You'll fit right in.

    Don't give up yet. The best is yet to come. You'll learn a lot about yourself and other people. Just give it some time. College WILL be the best time of your the moment at least. :lol: