Black Poetry : Collective Tapestry 4

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    simple times flow through simple measures,

    ever so often we come across a text that is penned so exquisite

    Here is just namely a few :

    The Warrior

    A furtherance of the melted wax

    the fluid spilled out

    through the convergence of the drum

    the pivotal of a sphere

    The thought of Britney Spears

    to know all the great while

    love is uncertain

    we make what we are flirting

    although the days were hurting

    inside each of us is a warrior

    love gives way to the falling spring

    the culmination of words created

    there's a way to love each other

    love gives wings to flight

    the warrior goes before us

    from that extravgant chorus

    give heed to order

    Love's Decoy

    time after time

    we shall surely shine

    from time to time

    learn from observing the swan

    can't we all get along

    through shades of grey

    tainted on my yesterdays

    there are columns of dust

    like a new car it rusts

    in love we begin to put our trust

    through the common leaves

    love has many challenges

    each comes at a price

    makes you think twice

    another roll of the dice

    The Faint Of The Cry

    upon each episode

    let the truth be told

    a cry for freedom

    onto a different episode

    alone in my thoughts a tranquil pier

    no reason for fear

    start shedding a single tear

    all draw so ever near

    we have become combersome

    out on the run

    A Chill Within

    each one of us goes through things

    another door bell rings

    we give sway to the simple

    after the fall

    a faint of a cry

    sharpen your sword

    the eclipse of the sun

    a reason to run

    to have a bit of fun

    Over The Mountain

    piercing the skin

    on the great devide

    a chorus to hide

    shadows block the vortex

    hello again my faithful friend

    shadows block the view

    moving bridges to

    what is knew with you

    through the duration of time