Black Poetry : Collateral Damages (9/11 fallout)

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    Detroit, MI
    The day the twin towers crashed to the ground
    The United States fell into darkness
    The media flooded us with images of destruction
    Smoke and flames
    Shock on grime smudged faces
    Tears and grief stricken expressions
    Horrified millions of Americans
    There was a call for mercy
    A demand for answers
    A bloodthirsty cry for war
    Memorials erected
    Candlelight vigils nationally
    Funds allocated for the victims families
    Reports of brave firefighters and law enforcement officers
    Who lost their lives on that grave day
    Flags waving from every building top, house, corner store, and car
    Patriotic displays of dedication
    In the face of terror
    Citizens singing “God Bless America”
    United in the cause to show the world our spirits will not be broken
    The freedom for which we stand shall not be violated
    Americans will not live in fear
    Bush becomes an hero overnight
    Declaring war on the faceless individuals
    Behind the unspeakable crime committed against our great country
    Congress approves billions of dollars for Homeland Security and military defense
    Yet on that tragic day of September 11th
    Hate crimes of harassment, beatings, shootings, and fire bombings
    Were committed against innocent Arabs and South Asians
    35, 615 children died of starvation
    A police officer kills a Black youth
    Black men are still racially profiled
    Lives are taken daily in the ghettoes
    Miseducation continues in our public school systems
    Children lack books and toilet paper in schools
    Educators are burnt out and underpaid
    Financial aid for colleges and universities are denied
    Correctional facilities continue to be erected
    As the prisons overflow
    The vicious cycle of from the streets to jail and back continues
    Drug abusers still shoot up and search for the next high
    Cocaine, crack, heroine, acid, pills, and tranquilizers are in even greater supply
    Natural resources continue to be plundered
    Wild species are endangered
    The environment is at risk
    Millions are murdered
    Crime continues to escalate
    Just like taxes
    No breaks for the burdened masses
    Women are raped, battered, and abused
    Homeless people line the inner city streets
    People are still slaving for minimum wage
    Falling beneath poverty lines
    Because corporations won’t pay the living wage
    Black youth continue to rage
    With violent expressions and destructive weapons
    Hip hop is still being prostituted
    Blacks, Latinos, and other ethnicities are still
    Denigrated, displaced, disrespected, discriminated, denied, deprived
    Of rights supposedly guaranteed by this country’s Constitution
    The privacy of US citizens is still being invaded
    The freedom of speech is being silenced
    Civil liberties are being violated
    Attempts at world peace are being annihilated
    Institutionalized racism still exists
    Glass ceilings still exists
    Economical disparity still exists
    Sexism still exists
    Religious intolerance still exists
    Ignorance still exists
    Hatred still exists
    Yet there are no messages from the President, television programs, acts of solidarity, moments of silence, national mournings, organized forums, alert levels, or military mobilizations for all the victims of this country’s injustice
    We are the collective collateral damages
    Ravaged by the fall out of America’s countless sins against humanity
    We are the sacrifice in the name of greed and politics
    Where the big business of war outweighs the worth of human beings
    Yet this country pleads for mercy, demands answers, and declares war
    At the expense of peace for the pursuit of personal and political agendas
    Leaving us all burnt and bleeding
    Bush will offer no mercy, no justice, no peace
    For American Justice is no justice at all
    No justice at all
    No justice at all
    Leaving just us
    The victims of collateral damages

    (c) 2002 by Chantay "Legacy" Leonard
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    still feeling da affects ...........9/11 memories will never heal
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    nice piece

    this is being slept on great poem