Black Poetry : Collaboration of a broken heart

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    This was supposed to be a collaboration
    pontificating the finer points of a grown type love
    you know that love so good you'd jump in front of a bullet type love
    that type of love my parents know love
    not puppy love love or the age old
    she loves him more than he loves her type love
    yet, all that remains in the room they shrouded in love
    are random socks and duct tape
    and that don't feel like no type love.

    Rambling actions constantly calculating mental scales
    until the lie unraveled leaving only truth and
    the weight of loss caused the rest to be
    wildly tossed into the air
    Common sense and my past experience
    chose the consequence and it's the only one
    I can live with. But, the question is -
    how do I live without you?

    Instead of a collaboration highlighting the differences
    between meeting his boy and not his mother;
    of sharing a drink and not feeding his family;
    of hearing his laughter, but not wiping his tears,
    this has turned into a solo grieving mess
    filled with only loss and discontent -

    Now, all this got me questioning,
    is what I want
    only contained within the lyrics of hip hop?
    Not those get low and shake it
    take it off and break me off lyrics
    contained within beats so hard
    even those remind me of you...
    But, those stories of thugs needing love
    and women so good they can make the
    hardest hood walk away for good
    Jay even strengthened this belief
    when he went and wifed B
    not even equating her to me, but
    Day-um, I catered to him so
    Why can't IT be ME?

    Or, Andre Ben rhyming, "Sin all depends on
    what you believe in."
    What if I believed in you,
    and my kids too -
    see, grown up love is never just about you.
    And, while I was thinking about tomorrow
    you never stopped running from last night
    and I am too **** old to be having such a cliché
    cake-and-eat-it-too type fight

    Common taught me there's so much in name, refused shorty
    I wanted you to see me for me, that there was no one the same
    but if love and monogamy was all we wanted
    perhaps you are the one to blame.

    'Loso made me feel like MAYBE Ne-yo wasn't corny
    when they shared , 16 bars on who's my better half; and
    even Mase ripped how a girl made him
    wanna get a legal gig;
    DMX even had a hit reminding his *****
    that from the start is wasn't all about a nut; he said
    I'm gonna be there, try and be fair...
    But, what's fair when the truth is a lie
    when your covers blown wide
    and there's no place to hide?
    Why couldn't you just mute those *******
    like Wheezy on Receipt,
    cuz you know you like it
    cum once with them
    the second when you deceive

    Then Drizzy sang the best I ever had
    while you came thru and all the while
    I rode as fast as I could coming home to you
    We could bring it back to Notorious B.I.G
    Where we lie together, cry together
    I hope we ******* die together
    But that would be a biggie lie and
    I'm still trying to just catch five minutes of truth
    cuz I find it so hard believe you was in it for the I

    And, then, the Roots start crooning with Jill Scott
    constantly round the clock and now she's in his world
    like hip hip, And, that's when
    my Heart Stops.
    See, this was supposed to be a collaboration
    enumerating and illuminating the finer points
    of a grown type love
    but I can't write what I don't know about that type love
    So I'm a love poet who doesn't know love
    and most of these words ain't even real.
    Don't worry, won't stop writing
    cuz no matter what's been done
    I will always have my hip hop to pull from.
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    the near north
    a grownup love may not be what you know...what you're accustomed to...but you played this from the heart. AND it's real.

    loved the drop. don't stop writing.
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    This is deep. I like this flow very much.