Black Spirituality Religion : Codes and Conduct of Priest/Priestess and non-priest in the Oracle of Ifa community

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    Within our tradition the display of good character (Iwa pele) is essential but what is good character? At the bottom I will display the four areas of character which Priests/Priestess and Non-Priests need to be displaying in their lives 24/7. There is the saying... There are consequences for acting without character. Esu is always watching... Oludumare (God) is always watching.


    According to Ifa, Honesty means thinking, speaking and acting in truth without bitterness, deceit, or hidden agendas. Being honest also means being able to recognize our limitations, having the courage to accept our guilt or misdeeds and the ability to refuse to reap the rewards off of others hard work. Basically you must be open minded, rational and realistic to yourself and others nature and to Olodumare. Ifa says that Olodumare sent human beings into this world to do good and nothing more and is how human beings will be judged.


    In Ifa patience means perseverance, endurance, and level headedness. Perserverance is the power of showing care and close attention to work or situation that proves difficult or tiring. Endurance is the power of bearing pain or discomfort without complaining. Levell headedness is the ability to wait for something calmly for a long time and the ability to control oneself when angered, especially at slowness or foolishness. In Ifa, rushing into things or looking for magical instantaneous solutions to any problem is out of place. One must be patient at all times.


    An Ifa follower must never behaves as if all their achievements in life were from self-effort ALONE. They must recognize that all their achievements were through Olodumare and the Orishas. No knowledge or power was brought into this world from heaven. We all aquired such knowledge and power through formal observation, imitation, and learning from others. Because of this there is no room for any Ifa follower to display arrogance or look down upon others. We all learn from each other and no one is self-taught anything and this is why humility is so important.


    In Ifa being hopeful means having the belief that tomorrow will be better than today. The belief that no matter how bad the present situation may be, it is just temporary and the painful situation will soon give way to peace, joy, gains, and prosperity. Ifa followers must be hopefull at all times and realize that heaven (Orun) is home and the world is the market place, so one must always be prepared to confront obstacles in ones life and realize that all obstacles can be learned from and overcome.