Quiet Poetry Lounge : Clueless-the welfare state (flow from Coccobutterskyn-welfare poem)


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Apr 6, 2001
Welfare is how we fair

Like a monkey in a tree, wont let go til another vine I see
Caint get a job or out of de welfare loop I will be

Moma was on welfare and so am I
Don’t know any other way to survive but to shuck and jive
While keeping absolutely NO dreams alive
So into this welfare state I continue to dive

The only people like me I see with a destiny
Is dem gold tooth rappers on MTV
And what are the chances of dat happinin to me

Each one teach one
So what shall I teach my son about how real life is done?

feeling you no doubt
it's the money crunch
it you ain't got it nobody cares
nobody cares about people no more
oh they say the do
but action speaks louder than words

keep fighting Soldier

look man...i keep looking over my shoulder to see if you, Street or blakverb is gonna run up on me a smack me with ablack glove :lol...this is proper conclusion to the words of cocoa...now i goota keep me eye on her too? Did the Black Panthers show up in a poetry room?

(wonderin' if you got on a dashiki and sportin an afro?)

mad tight scribe peot
Divide and conquer is the nature of the welfare state and if it is one thing that welfare recipients know it’s that as long as they got uncle sam to hell with that unemployable black man. And the quickest way to loose all welfare benefits is to introduce a black man into the family. Unfortunately most of the recipients fail to see the web of deceit that this environment creates and they ignorantly accept the handout as a way of life.
Thanks to all for the read especially cocobutterskyn Mad Love to you :cool:


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