Black Poetry : Club Drama

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    Club Drama

    In a great position just to escape friction of reality now
    Up in the club, want such duty as touch the booty wow
    Wearing a dewrag eating food the magnitude of the music
    Imposible to comprehend almost like a gospel blend use it
    To have church up in here and touch the corrupt fear of sin
    But naw it’s just the DJ throwing down over and over again
    Music rocked quick was shocked over a chick she’s the nicest
    Could lead to a crisis her kisses read priceless hair braid Isis
    Not a slickier female bet her wet richter scale read high like
    And earthquake couls burst and shake a bed to pieces with hype
    I try think “look boo can I buy you a drink? We be together tonight
    Have a great booty and I accept the duty of bringing you home all right?
    I design rhymes to hold flavor, have pride in school so I abide by
    The rules my lyrics hurl like a spirit world filled with angels high
    Above so let me try rub your wet thighs girl, my goal will be filled
    If you just hold still let me kisss your wet lips we both be thrilled
    A soldier in a way and I don’t wanna overstay my time get in the car
    Lets drive off I’ve arrived to that soft conclusion boo lets leave the bar
    Rap legit clout you can’t just sit out and not give me a cake date girl
    We can’t stay in one place while you wear a ton of lace beautify the world
    Sex is a bold act but I have to hold back so boo you clever in a way
    Please don’t make me wait forever and a day just to git some play
    Body stats plenty great at any rate havea puny thirst for your universe
    Body and all” “wait RHYME you sweaty from rapping and want tuna first
    Know my breast attractive and has cause stress and active love talk
    My cream cake got boys on a clean slate and shower steam make
    My Coo-chee juicy and hot a lot, you wanna hit it tonight no mistake
    But sit tight and wait for girls it’s a legit right to try hold off and escape