Black Poetry : Clouds Accumulating (A Life Complaint)

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    Hamlet,NC (The Middle of Nowhere)
    mind spiral, wound tight
    around frightening disclosures,
    chills felt, blunt force
    from the blatant exposure
    to empty faces
    squeezing narrowly
    through wide open spaces,
    the tragedy of reality
    slowly erases
    the outer inches
    of already diminishing smiles,
    as we stand, hand in hand,
    singing ‘God, bless the child….please!’
    cause this disease
    pollutes the mind’s seas
    corrosive waters
    and no type of escape
    seems to ease…
    cause it's inner-sanity
    that’s making us believe
    what we believe
    can’t call the doctor on this one
    it won’t help with two Aleve….
    people lost, in drunken stupor,
    children forced to understand,
    that this world is all we’ve got
    and that’s the main problem at hand,
    nothing ventured
    nothing gained…
    but the attempt becomes the strain
    since, at any second…it all can be struck down,
    and then here comes the rain,
    and the pain, of fractured living,
    the demand, of always giving,
    I want to receive,
    I want to believe
    that it’s worth it in the end
    the end….
    is it near us?
    or many years away?
    I’m too busy struggling to focus on tomorrow
    trapped in the wars of today…
    but hey, I’m just complaining
    I guess it places ease within my mind,
    I’m just tired of inching forward
    because I’m busy looking behind,
    over my shoulder
    for the vultures, still waiting for me to drop,
    well, one day, they’ll get their wish,
    but for now, I won’t stop
    so, let it rain
    let it pour,
    I’m standing in the doorway
    watching the clouds accumulate
    realizing there’s got to be some way
    to make life make sense
    until I find it…I’ll just live it
    exactly how it is…
    cause in kind of living is better than dead
    and that’s all
    I need…
    to feel
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    mind spiral, wound tight...
    ...around this peace.

    Fabulous as always, Poet. A true Poet, indeed. Feeling this to the nth.