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Jun 30, 2004
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Cloud Song

I wished upon a cloud one day
And asked its beauty
what it would say
If it had voice
and song like me
While floating high
above so free
What message
would it sing to me
If I could sing
the cloud said proud
I would not sing
so very loud
I’d whisper soft
sweet melodies
Like those you hear
in wind swept trees
My song would calm
the restless soul
And warm the hearts
of those turned cold
From where I rest
above all things
I’d sing of all
that good cheer brings
For as I gaze
from my lofty view
I see the miracle
in each of you
Because I see things
from high above
My song would be
a song of love
But since our Maker
has not allowed
Music to rain down
from this cloud
I trust in you
my dear friend
To sing my song
and make it end
On a high note
sweet and clear
Cause I feel your harmony
way up here...


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