Black Poetry : Close my file folders went to style at Kroger have to watch my shoulder want cake from the heart so


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May 11, 2006
Close my file folders
went to style at Kroger
have to watch my shoulder
want cake from the heart
so Id make a great start
by rapping to chick as part
of a love affair, take action
need cake for satisfaction
soon talk
and moon walk
see a chick her lips red today
guess what? I'm gonna make headway
for a date, steps in the right direction
really helps for tonight affection
on her legs probably wet lotion
one kiss could set stuff in motion
her thing wet enough for an ocean
this is BLACK HIP HOP in potions
from VIRGINIA BEACH notions
of freedom because of MLK day
cold blast then it's swell to say
free at last
this be a blast from the past
now deal with love
feel it in the club
heal emotion with a hug
OK boo this is not an introduction to a jerk
because I'm schooled and do construction work
in VIRGINIA BEACH these dope girls
are like a rope of pearls
they strung together
make boys sprung forever
they be hung on a girl's clever
ways and how they strut butt
let me hit this one up
with some love talk
oh her lips glow so true
really don't know what to do
ducking boys being quick
have on a mini-skirt
but plenty alert
can't just let any jerk
take me home must twerk
end up in the bedroom
with red lips and perfume
attend meetings
been eating
kimchee with chop sticks
simply a very hot chick
and boys really want my rice cake
I have to duck for Christ sake
a boy is jest kiss and charm
his words twist my arm
could end in a brisk alarm
before going to bed
while my lips are glowing red
not even knowing what he said
even in the VIRGINIA BEACH shopping mall
don't treasure your menu
won't pressure me into
a cake date I must escape
can't trust you and take
a chance on this here romance
as it enhance I have to be more advance
right now my dress is down
and my breast nipples are round
you want pie from the heart
while my life fly apart
really you should try start
over and maybe go to Walmart
and buy a new approach oh my
panties are so hot its do or die
when it come to boys a few lie
do a drive by to look at my hips
oh boys be hooked on my lips
they begin with flowers
while my breasts become twin towers
while soaping in showers
ready to blow up
after I eat a do-nut
oh KOREAN GIRLS go through a lot
here in VIRGINIA BEACH body hot
this boy wanna be smelling my lace
at his dwelling place
I remember I wit this and we kiss yall
walking by the house of CHRIS PAUL
my lace and breast could convince
at his place of residence
they were walking in the garage
and talking large
about a bowling
no doubt we were holding
hands then we heard “he didn't
play for the bucks that's forbidden
the GREEK FREAK don't speak
to him, maybe in group
but I never saw him shoot crazy hoops
buck got pissed went on a kicking streak
oh he kicked the wall
so quick yall
we was trying to peep
when buck did a flying leap
onto the black car
the attack so far
surprised CHRIS
he realize this
is a buck attack
it's a corrupt act
he was a dope
with horns
garage opener torn
down the buck was born
in the jungle
begin to rumble
around the garage
so renown and large
he scratched the car
with his horns so far
broke the windshield
I guess sincere he's reindeer
and CHRIS begin to fear
this definitely tenpin
let the games begin
well I guess the buck stops here
he broke the shelf holding all
the bowling balls
now rolling down the drive way
oh how will CHRIS PAUL survive today
the flagrant agent of STATE FARM say
I can help you with this and CHRIS chill out
all this begin today on NBA thrilled no doubt

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