Black People : Clinton Concerned about "New" Colonialism?

Many Black people display "intelligence" at mimicking and mastering behaviors that have not served in our best interest. So what??? Is that continent free from colonialist intent????

I agree with you Blacklioness. All I'm saying is that the Africans I know are very smart and know how to do business.

Who does she work for? Who appointed her? Obviously someone who agrees with her for her to be able to make those statements!

Not excusing her statements, but since no one else is mentioning it, i thought i would!


As she chanted an acusatory "More of the Same" at the Democratic convention, she cameinto fice as a female version of Dick Cheney.

Who did she work for is another good question,
and if anyone remembers the movie "The Firm" starring Gene Hackman and Tom Cruise,
she worked for a firm more wicked, and on an international level.

George Orwell's double speak is the basis of communications for neoliberalism


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