Black People : Clinton Concerned about "New" Colonialism?

.......Thanks Blaklioness,

This is almost really is; but more of an in your face demeanor from the aristocracy, a snippet from the article:


Clinton said that African leaders must ensure that foreign projects are sustainable and benefit all their citizens, not only elites. A day earlier, she cautioned that China's massive investments and business interests in Africa need to be closely watched so that the African people are not taken
advantage of.

...smh, wow!

Peace In,
LOL. She doesn't give a crap about Africans. Just using China as a scapegoat to ensure White supremacy. Apparantly colonialism=salvation/democracy only when applied to Whites; trade=colonialism when applied to all others. She's basically saying "Black people aren't capable of smart business decisions, we Whites must help them from being swindled by evil Ch1nks!".

Too bad Africa was never able to have stable regimes or develop their economies because of constant "revolutions" backed by the West.


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