Black Poetry : Climaxing You...Close To Me (Imagining You...Part 3)

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    Oct 31, 2005
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    Soft lines head to toe, undress you with my lips,
    1 button at a time, **** I love those hips

    You see the honey, caramel, chocolate syrup and stawberries
    Yes baby I am a true freak for you and yes...didn't forget the cherries

    It won't be messy...your concerns, i know what's up
    No, you won't be sticky, Baby I love to cleanup :lips:

    As you cannot take my tease session any longer
    And our yearing for each other could not become any stronger

    Our play of 4 is at an end
    But our erotic merging is about to begin

    You swoon as I enter, your face away and I am behind
    Receiving me as I hold a hand on your shoulder, the other hand with 2 fingers drawing a line down your spine

    Motions rhythmic, our connection cosmic, baby I won't miss a beat
    I change my position as it is my mission to make you feel my heat

    My hands around your round symetry, bringing you up to close to me
    Your back feels my chest, I'm now kissing your hairline down to your shoulders freely
    My head moves down now under your arms, tougue play around your circles...the tip i avoid ...just for you to see

    Yes ...i tease till the end, I play your passion like a tuned violin
    My movement will not cease...only just to begin,
    I come around just to face you and continue, kissing from breast, neck then chin

    Pick you up to lay you out
    As my only goal is to turn you out

    Turning on your side as I pull you in close
    Now you notice the petals of many a red rose

    But you can't focus on that, not any longer
    Because now this passion is so much stronger

    And I know that just a little more and and you'll give completely to this feeling
    As I search deeper...harder...hands on your i have you reeling

    Change you I don't need any rest
    As lift your legs...put your feet over my chest

    You move to wrap your legs around me, as you find this the best
    And now in my mind definitely passed the test

    You tremble and shake...eyes rolling and you squeeze
    We both climax together...God bless...weakness in my knees

    Close together, we are now ...we move now, in slow motion
    I felt your nails in my back, (**** girl..drawin lines with ya nails ...gonna needs me some lotion)

    But i don't care about that, both breathing hard and heavy and feeling so sorrow
    Hey baby...that was wonderful...( I surprise her again with more...tommorrow).

    Peace all ...i hope you enjoyed being in my ...uh head *sly smile*
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    BUSINESS owner
    erotica extreme fire on desire
    u gonna have ladies swiming oceanz now !
  3. LovNThySoul

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    Oct 31, 2005
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    LovNThySoul with a little LustNThy words

    Thanks...Just a small window in.

  4. nevar

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    Jun 19, 2005
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    hey brotha didnt know you can get down like that
    say can you handle the thing in the middle that fat

    neva have i ever heard a man to experience true pleasure
    i know in time i can give you something to measure

    measure up to all you hope and dream for
    baby with this southern girl you'll be climaxing for more

    let me tell all the positions i like
    if your a good boy i promise ya i wont bite

    but have to play around with ya for a little while longer
    when it's all said and done i'll put it down to ya stronger

    cause i got that sh*t that will make you go crazy
    have you wanna pushing up daisy

    when i'm on top i like it rough
    you'll be moaning out how you like my stuff

    i'm a ryder boy can you handle these muscle
    there's no need to squirm or tussle (baby)

    cause when i grind i grind hard
    you best to believe i like to take charge

    of what's going down
    nothing but smiles baby no frown

    as you push my hip down upon you
    i'm grinding ya harder saying [email protected] boo

    i want to go a little deeper
    i'm thinking to myself this here a keeper

    because i'm feeling you and your freaky style
    i gots something for ya that will be worthwhile

    yes now we switch position
    stroking this as if you were on a mission

    to make me climax like neva before
    in about anotha hour daddy i'll even the score

    but for now daddy go deep
    feel me climax,feel the heat

    you feel me scratch your back
    thrusting harder and faster saying daddy i like it like that

    dont stop baby but now we both come
    wanting you to get it up to get some

    some more of this sexual healing
    you got me on this 187 feeling

    wanting, needing you to let me climax again
    from the ga peach who's your new found friend
  5. LovNThySoul

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    Oct 31, 2005
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    1 freaky poet to anotha...

    Oh yes baby doll i can get down like that
    I guess you were lost, but you found now cause this is where it's at

    Well you heard a version of my pleasure
    How good is it? I'll let you measure and just know this brotha is a treasure

    We'll see if what you got is up to par
    Cause baby guess what? This brotha ain't far

    I'd love to hear all of what you dig, please tell and step up to the mike
    See i'm a bad boy that might like if ya bite

    But girl you might have to keep it so a nibble
    Don't you know you ain't playin with some little boy kibbles

    Play if you like as I can play with the best
    We'll see if your stronger...i'll put you to the test

    Now girl, you had to make me reread what you just said
    Yo stuff is so good that it'll make me wish i was dead?!?!

    You can have it on top
    I'll make you shake and let it drop
    Make you scream sayin don't stop!
    Rhyme like the cat in the mother fin hat and my stuff don't flop

    Put it on me girl and show what you got
    I'll put a curve in yo back that'll make ya knees rot

    We'll I can handle what you've said you've got...even in the rain
    I just hope you can keep up with this 6 cause baby i even train

    You can grind hard, grind fast or slow...get even louder
    Baby i'll grind you and that into baby powder

    This is going down...nothing but pleasure for you,
    of frown
    Just wear a tight red or black sexy gown, and the night will be through
    Got me want that sensual sexy brown round

    Just keep that hip there and i swear to you
    You won't be the only one sayin [email protected] boo

    I would definitely go deeper,
    havin me imagine a body sexy, passionate and sleeker

    Having me thinkin in this department we could be equally yoked
    Keep messin around and i'll show you this long stroke

    For something like this...and i'll have to get to know ya
    Something in common for both eyes of the beholda

    With you, you make me wonder...will i last...will you...will we need a rest
    Lets make sure to bring some energy drinks and gatoraide for this test

    But know this about me...being soft...i ain't the one
    I'll repeat for those that didn't hear me...I get off on making a woman come

    Is that sexual healin that killa?
    You got me wondering if your a real sexual thrilla

    Looking and yearning for our rendezvou, our "next"...our meet our "other"
    But we can talk again girl....sincerely yours....this ATL Brotha

    Just rereading my words and soundin like LustNThySoul
    Just understand this sexy brotha is loving and lusty and ain't no troll.

    *smile* peace.
  6. watzinaname

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    Oct 4, 2003
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    This was a sensual tease that's willing and able to please. Tight drop brotha.
  7. MzBlkAngel

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    somewhere ova da rainbow....
    what a tease you are.....
  8. nevar

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    Jun 19, 2005
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    working to own my plus size empire.....
    I'm a Georgia Peach!!!!
    to lovthysoul

    ooooh you an A.T. L brotha
    let me tell ya your about to discover

    the many ways i put your back out
    you know how we do it in the dirty south

    you already know how i ryde
    and have you hollaring out this sh*t is tyte

    have you basking in my many flavors
    i'm telling ya promise to give you something to savor

    when you put me on my back
    raising my legs from the side cause i like it that

    i will feel the power of your stroke
    lov me truly this here aint no joke

    been known to knock a brotha out
    i got that fire yow have you shout (out)

    how you just cant take the way i move my hips
    as i seductively lick on your lips

    then i playfully suck on your awaiting tongue
    you cant wait to come get some

    of this tight 2 def ga peach
    sugar on your tongue oh how it will be sweet

    you know the first bite always the best
    seeing how i like to flip the script i'll put you to the test

    to see if a brotha can really hang
    and if you really know how to bring the thang

    we can make love on the southside
    or we can make love in your G ryde

    would you like to admire my smile from the back
    i told ya playboy this here is the bomb diggity and that's a fact

    dont want to turn this into a I.C.U. situation
    have you really replacing

    all that was before me
    you be the trick and i'll be the treat

    give your body all that its craving
    i can be your boo or your lady

    have you straight trippin off these lovely thighs
    and off my big pretty brown eyez

    undress me daddy with your words some more
    so Nevar can even the score

    i want to climax later on tonight
    i want to be your pure pleasure your true delight

    because my fine A.T. L brotha were only 45 minutes away
    you already know there's no play in G.A

    when i come you better hit the flo
    seeing how i got you high off this poetic dro

    until then this is from the ga peach
    who keeping it nice and sweet
  9. LovNThySoul

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    Oct 31, 2005
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    Thanks to all that feel me on this tease
    I love to let it flow natural ...have words that bring you to your knees

    Nevar, your words tantilizing, definitely fa sho
    The word play of you used and the mention of poetic dro

    But see i have my own flava as well
    In all my poems, are secrets like to tell

    If you have what it takes, mentally, physically, emotionally then my words are all true
    Then there is no limit of sensual mind play, i would love to do to you

    I can take my time, or make it fast
    See in my mind, i am in constant search of making that orgasm last

    But there is more to me than a play of words or sex
    In lies within, a very deep, loving, sensual man and if the lady does not measure quick to say next

    As i type this right now,you should know right now, my seriousness is reserved
    I don't get down with just anyone, I make sure your worthy, before you get served

    Understand that I'm a picky mofo....right down to the size
    But i have to admit....i am a sucker for pretty brown eyes

    Curves and and lines, a cute pretty face
    And all the words said prior...i'll use to set our pace

    My movement slow and well timed...
    my motion hard when excited and yeah...i love the grind

    My natural curve....long and meant to please
    I seek that that spot...your time that will make your heart want to seize

    Tellin you, "baby...calm down...breathe slow"
    As the motion and waves of ecstasy...make you think as you shake,"oh h*ll no!"

    As you loose yourself in this state swoon
    Getting off ...while i get you off...under this fall Georgia moon

    And i know your thinkin, "baby please don't come too soon"
    But little do you know, I can hang just i make you ball up into a cocoon

    Don't loose it yet baby....this can still get better
    Teasing you more and more....only to keep you wetter

    I want to keep this going, show you how good this can be, this pleasure and pain
    To keep this moan on....I'll do all needed to sustain
    And when you think its almost over ...when you have nothing left to gain
    I'll change it up to make it good you'll think your going insane

    Rhythm and motion that is so hard to describe
    But i like to keep some secret, sensual tidbits ...i like to hide

    I cannot tell here...all the things i like to do
    I like to hide a bit here and to words are few
    So when we get's all brand new

    Oh i can get down with ya girl...oh there are so many ways
    You better call in sick the next day...definitely will need a few days

    My words play on your mind...wondering if this package is true
    You know the only way to find out...and you know that's up to you

    I'll keep this sensual flow going...only until we're through
    Have you wakin up tommorrow with these words in ya head...make ya forget ya bills due

    So get at me girl...this ATL brotha on the east side
    You better bring your'll need it and a rope when you ride

    See i keep it tight and definitely sexy
    It'll be soo good that you thought i was creole, sayin "[email protected], that brotha hexed me!"

    Put a sexual spell on you that you'll never forget
    Make you run away from all others...sayin, "OMG...this brotha is IT!"

    So commuicate with this one...let me know what's up
    What's going on with you, since you feel this mental, verbal nut

    Tell me what of this flow turns you on
    and if it's just for some attention....let's just say i'm gone
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    Windy City
    Hott piece brotha
    Like everyones flow to this
    Nice colab nevar and soul
    Keep flowing poets