Black Poetry : Clever I never played the fool

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    Clever I never played the fool
    and stayed in school
    made the right choice
    and tonight voice
    my opinion to persuade Others, now a great winner
    grab a plate and eat steak for dinner
    and parade in the streets,
    plus serenade the sweets,
    go to class with MC’S
    And battle the last of these
    rappers and seize chapters so please
    pay attention this is a rude test
    the mood stress and will include access
    to your brain and will force widespread drama
    take some Bayer Aspirin this cause a head trauma
    don’t be thrilled some of these cats facts impact
    like rocks in a back pack or whack like a hack attack
    they could be doing crack I’m gonna step back
    from that so hey it’s nothing to Flip quotes
    buy tickets take trips on boats let my scripts float
    like ships,this advice is hard
    yall best call the lifeguard
    and Christ retards drown as clowns when they try to swim
    best contact the lighthouse and lets cry for them
    Wanna grab a slick chick and have a picnic while she strut hips
    Girls flirt as lovers and their work covers the bed can’t stall
    Because a true kiss do exist on the survey of love making and
    From the club taking a chick home, quick on phone with plan
    Send notes and win with quotes on a short letter with all
    Sorts of clever words that are never heard but spoke on tall
    Microphones, strong talk takes a long walk on hikes while
    Unknown strikes go on at industries and the ministries wild
    In street churches but now in the sweet clutches of wisdom
    Which crushes the system of evil doing it’s all within the rhythm
    Of survival so I’m liable for my behavior which is a prism
    Of light, this stuff cause folks to go somewhere with a dumb stare
    Unaware of my skills designs that kill online in battle here and there
    Applaud my past as it’s broadcasted, my affair sways like airwaves
    Make hell of decisions on televisions not on cartoon channel it stays
    On MSN, tough being assigned to rap my mind trapped between some
    Extreme words and mean verbs and this is absurd and now feel numb
    Like a wound this left a scar being it’s so deft and bizarre
    Being awfully stealth, by the way any coffee left? My car
    In the garage and it’s large, so leave me to my works I
    Squeeze the heads of jerks after getting the details so fly