Black People Politics : Clerkenwell Court Burke Virginia is a Racist Neighborhood

Discussion in 'Black People Politics' started by Light, Dec 22, 2014.

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    They follow the black people around via internet and block disabled people from internet usage as I am experiencing right now. The people that I am living with now there are racist after they receive the deposit and force their way into your rooms, or wait until you leave the home and go through your belongings. Now that I am speaking out they are removing me from the neighborhood, I asked the people if they had any problem with black people before I moved in they said no but after I paid a large sum of money they started the attacks. If any one sees a Dodge Ram with tags Kputer he is the number one guy, he told me he had video cameras throughout the house but not in my room but it was a total lie.
    Beware of people your children rent from off of craigslist there are a lot of racist people pretending and setting your family members up with hidden agendas. I am a college student almost finished with my masters but I cant finish because they merikah blocks my internet usage and moves me around just as they did the native americans for being highly intelligent.
    The war is against high intelligence in the black communities, stay smart and stay up... I will tell the rest of the horrifying story later on ... if I am still around lol