Black People : Claud Anderson on PowerNomics


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Jun 18, 2004
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Dr. Claud Anderson holds a doctorate degree. He has written 5 books:

Black Labor, White Power
Dirty Little Secrets
More Dirty Little Secrets
A Black History Reader
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Eye certainly had not heard about Yvette Carnell until this thread. This is what is being said about her:
Albert T4 weeks ago (edited)
How can anybody with his/her right mind listen to Yvette for guidance. Those people are just dumb. How can you take seriously a woman whose only accomplishment is a bachelor degree and working as an AIDE to a democrat candidate. That’s her CV right there. She lives in her parents basement, doesn’t have a job or a business and isn’t even trying to get a job. Anybody who listens to for anything related to job and businesses is an idiot. If so-for-self doesn’t work and if her parents didn’t work hard enough to have a house where would she be today? Some people are just idiots.

listen to yvette and make up yr own mind......yvette carnell thread.....


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Sep 27, 2005
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Dr. Claud Anderson is a verified economist. Yvette Carnell is a johnny come lately!

This is an old clip from 1996. The majority of the Black Community weren't even listening to him nor reading is books back then, smh.

Where was Yvette Carnell in 2012? Prolly in grade school, LOL
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