Black People : Claud Anderson on PowerNomics


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Jun 17, 2019
I like Anderson, but Yvette Cornell pointed out some issues with his approach and the outcome of his efforts that are more than just a cautionary tale. Check her out on YouTube.


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Sep 27, 2005
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Dr. Claud Anderson holds a doctorate degree. He has written 5 books:

Black Labor, White Power
Dirty Little Secrets
More Dirty Little Secrets
A Black History Reader
5 books.jpg

Eye certainly had not heard about Yvette Carnell until this thread. This is what is being said about her:

Albert T
4 weeks ago (edited)
How can anybody with his/her right mind listen to Yvette for guidance. Those people are just dumb. How can you take seriously a woman whose only accomplishment is a bachelor degree and working as an AIDE to a democrat candidate. That’s her CV right there. She lives in her parents basement, doesn’t have a job or a business and isn’t even trying to get a job. Anybody who listens to for anything related to job and businesses is an idiot. If so-for-self doesn’t work and if her parents didn’t work hard enough to have a house where would she be today? Some people are just idiots.

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