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    Classified Lies

    The first and only truth was regime change,
    When the truth did not move the population,
    They opted for classified lies.
    They molled out fake documents for which,
    They could have been imprisoned.
    They present them to us all, as prove
    Of their classified lies,
    When their classified lies did not move the population,
    Their anguish turned to rage,
    Their rage turned to war
    Their war turned to carnage and death.
    Still, they pressed on searching, for imaginary weapons of mass destruction,
    Whose origin, was the work of their own fantasy,
    They made up evidence to justify the inevitable war,
    They lie to their population, just like their cheif enemy does,
    They lie to their population, because they are ignorant of what the truth was,
    In a changing world, where few attempt success through the shadow
    Of the most powerful nation.

    Ben Emos