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May 15, 2006
Just an fyi that the clock for the "Class of 2007" has begun. Many of the major scholarships are being open as many of the students start back to school in August. It is important, if you know of anyone whom is among this Class or have children, please notify them to start applying now. Scholarships such as the Bill Gates, Benjamin Gillard International Scholarships, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation College Scholarship Award, The Horatio Alger Scholarship, Tylenol Scholarships, Tutution Reductions (Harvard, Stanford, Rhodes, etc.)

Other important deadlines for conferences/internships are approaching for current college students:

InRoads application deadline (Freshmans/Sophmores in college)
Annual BioMedical Research Conference for Minority Students
ACSM Travel Awards (Deadline: 8/14/06)
ASHG Minority Travel Awards (Deadline: 8/11/06)
ROCKY '06 (ISCB) Travel Awards (Deadline: 10/10/06)
2nd Annual National Black Pre-Law Conference/Law Fair

U.S. Department of Education Announces New Academic Grants for Students

Overall, this is just a few of many opportunities that can be received from my college preparation blog located at: Take advantage of the various search engines for high school students, undergraduates, and postgraduate students. Examples of keyword searches are: under-represented, minority, black, african american, women, diversity, etc.

It is important that the students commit to performing community service hours. Diversity is the big word in getting scholarships and community service plays a big role.

Please spread the word and make a different in someone life.
National Science Foundation/Alliance for Minority Participation Doctoral Fellowship a

National Science Foundation/Alliance for Minority Participation Doctoral Fellowship at LSU

** High Priority **

Bridge to the Doctorate Program at Louisiana State University (LSU/BDP)

Through the Louisiana Alliance for Minority Participation (LAMP), the Louisiana State University Office of Strategic Initiatives is pleased to announce a Fellowship opportunity available through the "Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation -- Bridge to the Doctorate Program"
(LS-AMP/BDP), an initiative of the National Science Foundation. This program encourages students from underrepresented groups to pursue
Ph.D. degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Priority will be given to new students joining LSU Ph.D. programs in Fall 2006.

The program offers:

* Twelve two-year Fellowships at $30,000 per year;
* Payment of tuition;
* Individualized faculty mentoring and coaching;
* Participation in professional conferences and meetings;
* Links to research and professional opportunities;
* Enriched academic services and support.

To be eligible the applicant must:

* Have earned a baccalaureate degree from any LS-AMP institution in
the United States; ( click to see list of insitution:
* Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
* Have a minimum undergraduate or graduate GPA of 3.0;
* Submit GRE scores by July 31, 2006;
* Be admitted to the LSU Graduate School and to a STEM department with
the intention of working toward the Ph.D. degree.

Application Material and Deadline:

Please forward all application materials to the Office of Strategic Initiatives as soon as possible (applications will be accepted until all
positions are filled):

* Request a copy of the application package from the admitting
department, including:
(i) graduate school application form;
(ii) undergraduate (and graduate, if applicable) transcripts;
(iii) statement of purpose;
(iv) two letters of recommendation;
(v) GRE scores.

* Copies of admission letters from the LSU Graduate School and the admitting department.
* A statement of previous participation in LS-AMP activities
(preferred but not required).
* An optional statement of other relevant activities (two page
* An optional resume (two page maximum).

Applications received on or before the deadline will be considered first; applications received after the deadline will be considered only until all twelve Fellowships have been awarded.

Send all documents to:

Dr. Su-Seng Pang and Dr. Steven F. Watkins
Office of Strategic Initiatives
240 Thomas Boyd Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Contact Information:

Please direct all inquires to the LSU/BDP Coordinators:

* Dr. Su-Seng Pang, (225)578-5892,
* Dr. Steven F. Watkins, (225)578-3359,

Additionally, Marie Hamilton, of the graduate school has $20.000 per year plus tuition; and SREB membership Fellowships for minority students
pursuing any Ph.D. at LSU. You can contact her directly at
ACT/SAT Tips for Class of 2007

I have beening giving ACT/SAT workshops for a few years, along with my co-workers/friends and wanted to share some of my information with those who are currently preparing to take the exam. When we gave our workshops, we concentrated on comprehension of all of the areas. We taught them the actual techiques needed to understand Math, English, Science and Reading. How to use the formulas correctly, read the reading passage, etc. We perform the workshops over several weekends providing selected subjects at each workshops. We have had many success stories. Some of the info we provided is listed below:

Also some of the colleges/universities use the super scoring for their overall ACT score. For instance, UT Knoxville, Washington University, etc. So if you compare the highest scores of each section (math, english, reading and science) from all the exam taken, this will give you the best composite score. For instance:

1st Exam 2nd Exam 3rd Exam Best
English 25 23 26 26
Math 21 27 23 27
Reading 24 25 22 25
Science 23 27 25 27
Composite 23 26 24 26

The best score is a 26

The next ACT/SAT for most of the students will be in October. Please visit the ACT/SAT websites for registration information. The sites are located at:

Please go to my to get information on some excellence SAT/ACT practice links. Both the ACT and SAT are scheduled in October (only a few locations start in September), if possible take both of them and try to complete taking them by December so that you won't miss out on scholarships and admissions deadlines. I advise you to start taking them as early as the 10th grade to get the student prepared. Also reference my college preparation doc on information regarding the SAT/ACT, dates, calculating gpa, etc.

Below are some tips for preparing for the ACT:

As always share this valuable information with others.



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