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    Class of 2007 it is important that you start preparing for your Senior year now. Many times we thing we have a lot of time remaining, but in actuality, we don't. To assist you in preparing, I have created a timeline for you to follow. Click the URL below:

    The 4-year (9th-12th) timeline can be found in the URl listed below:
    College Preparation: College Prep Timeline

    Also, the following URL will be excellent source for references as the student/parent prepares for college:

    College Prep Overview:
    College Preparation: Overview

    Aspiring Students:
    College Preparation: Help Your Aspiring College Student!!

    Tips for the Single Parent:
    College Preparation: Tips for the Single Parent

    Survival of the Parent:
    College Preparation: Survival of the Parent

    College Preparation: Volunteer

    As always, share with others...