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    [The Lounge]: river has entered at 7:02 pm
    [river] 7:02 pm: hey queen
    [queentswana] 7:03 pm: Hi River ...wb
    [river] 7:03 pm: hey clark
    [The Lounge]: ClarKint has left at 7:03 pm
    [river] 7:03 pm: thanks queen
    [The Lounge]: shaka64 has entered at 7:06 pm
    [queentswana] 7:06 pm: Hey shaka ...wb
    [The Lounge]: will-he-write has entered at 7:06 pm
    [river] 7:06 pm: hi shaka
    [river] 7:07 pm: hey will he write
    [queentswana] 7:07 pm: Brother will-he-write ...wb
    [river] 7:07 pm: lwt me get on the mic
    [The Lounge]: shaka64 has left at 7:07 pm
    [will-he-write] 7:07 pm: Peace River, Queentswana
    [will-he-write] 7:08 pm: 1
    [queentswana] 7:08 pm: 1
    [The Lounge]: Sleep has entered at 7:08 pm
    [Sleep] 7:08 pm: hey river
    [will-he-write] 7:08 pm: wb Sleep
    [queentswana] 7:08 pm: Hi brother Sleep ...wb
    [Sleep] 7:08 pm: :D
    [Sleep] 7:09 pm: :up:
    [will-he-write] 7:09 pm: :up:
    [queentswana] 7:09 pm: 1
    [Sleep] 7:09 pm: 1
    [will-he-write] 7:09 pm: 1
    [The Lounge]: ClarKint has entered at 7:16 pm
    [The Lounge]: Destee has entered at 7:17 pm
    [ClarKint] 7:17 pm: Thank you. :)
    [will-he-write] 7:17 pm: wb ClarKint
    [ClarKint] 7:17 pm: thank Will :)
    [Destee] 7:17 pm: Hello Family :kiss:
    [Destee] 7:17 pm: sorry i'm late
    [Destee] 7:17 pm: Sister River :kiss:
    [ClarKint] 7:17 pm: Hey Sleepy
    [will-he-write] 7:17 pm: Peace Destee
    [Destee] 7:17 pm: Brother ClarKint :kiss:
    [ClarKint] 7:17 pm: hmmm QQin
    [Destee] 7:17 pm: Brother Will He Write :kiss:
    [Destee] 7:17 pm: Brother Sleep :kiss:
    [Destee] 7:17 pm: doing great Sister ... thank you ... :heart:
    [queentswana] 7:18 pm: Hey Destee ...wb
    [Destee] 7:19 pm: Sister Queen :kiss:
    [Destee] 7:19 pm: the question ... why are so many Black Men in prison
    [Destee] 7:19 pm: the answer ... because of racism
    [Destee] 7:19 pm: okay
    [The Lounge]: watzinaname has entered at 7:23 pm
    [Destee] 7:23 pm: Sister Watz :kiss:
    [queentswana] 7:23 pm: wb sister watz
    [Destee] 7:23 pm: i'm trying to catch up Sister
    [will-he-write] 7:24 pm: wb watzinaname
    [watzinaname] 7:24 pm: Ty Destee, TY queent
    [Destee] 7:24 pm: i missed the past couple of weeks and am looking for the syllabus in your forum ... i'm gonna catch up ... i promise ... please continue ... and i'm listening :)
    [ClarKint] 7:24 pm: Hi Watz
    [watzinaname] 7:24 pm: TY will he write, Hey river
    [watzinaname] 7:25 pm: Hi Clark
    [Destee] 7:25 pm: okay ... i see that ... thank you Sister :heart:
    [Destee] 7:29 pm: okay
    [Destee] 7:29 pm: :)
    [Destee] 7:31 pm: okay ... that's a good idea
    [Destee] 7:31 pm: Sister River ... do you have a completed thesis online ... that we could actually look at ... one of yours ?
    [Destee] 7:32 pm: right
    [Destee] 7:32 pm: yes
    [Destee] 7:32 pm: ohhhhhhh okay
    [Destee] 7:32 pm: i see it !!!
    [Destee] 7:32 pm: great !!! :)
    [Destee] 7:32 pm: Thanks Teacher !!!! :heart:
    [The Lounge]: Sleep has left at 7:33 pm
    [Destee] 7:33 pm: :D
    [The Lounge]: has left at 7:37 pm
    [The Lounge]: ClarKint has left at 7:38 pm
    [watzinaname] 7:39 pm: So or example, you'd make a correlation between Black on Black crime, and white racism?
    [The Lounge]: ClarKint has entered at 7:40 pm
    [The Lounge]: has left at 7:40 pm
    [Destee] 7:40 pm: wb Brother ClarKint :kiss:
    [ClarKint] 7:41 pm: thanks
    [watzinaname] 7:41 pm: wb Clark
    [queentswana] 7:41 pm: wb clark
    [Destee] 7:43 pm: okay ... great
    [will-he-write] 7:44 pm: Sister River I must excuse myself from class. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to improve our writing skills. Stay Strong!!! Peace Family!!!
    [Destee] 7:44 pm: Brother Will He Write ... Much Love and Peace :kiss:
    [will-he-write] 7:45 pm: you too Sister!!!!
    [Destee] 7:45 pm: :heart:
    [Destee] 7:45 pm: the body of the essay
    [The Lounge]: will-he-write has left at 7:46 pm
    [Destee] 7:49 pm: i understood that ... no questions here
    [Destee] 7:49 pm: thank you
    [watzinaname] 7:49 pm: no questions
    [Destee] 7:55 pm: i'm sorry Sister River ... what are we suppose to be doing right now ?
    [The Lounge]: has left at 7:55 pm
    [Destee] 7:56 pm: okay ... thank you
    [watzinaname] 7:57 pm: Ready for mine?
    [watzinaname] 7:57 pm: poverty, lack of access to higher education, hopelessness, low self esteem, drug abuse
    [watzinaname] 8:01 pm: ok
    [Destee] 8:02 pm: those are all great Sister Watz
    [watzinaname] 8:02 pm: TY Destee
    [Destee] 8:03 pm: my list looks like Sister Watz's
    [The Lounge]: Apple_Gurl has entered at 8:03 pm
    [Destee] 8:03 pm: Sister Watz ... you cheat'n off my paper ? ... QQ
    [Destee] 8:04 pm: Apple Gurl ... Welcome !!
    [Apple_Gurl] 8:04 pm: hey destee
    [watzinaname] 8:04 pm: I had some folks cheatin off my paper last week...QQn
    [Apple_Gurl] 8:04 pm: hey everyone.
    [watzinaname] 8:04 pm: wb Apple Gurl
    [Apple_Gurl] 8:04 pm: Not many people here today
    [The Lounge]: Apple_Gurl has left at 8:05 pm
    [Destee] 8:05 pm: poverty, lack of access to higher
    education, hopelessness, low self esteem, drug abuse
    [watzinaname] 8:05 pm: Right river, it's not about the amount, it's the content. :)
    [Destee] 8:06 pm: Sister Watz ... i can see why folk would cheat off of you ... you got the answers !
    [watzinaname] 8:06 pm: LOL...i think I'll just sit next to river...
    [Destee] 8:08 pm: lol Sister Watz :)
    [Destee] 8:08 pm: Teacher ... Sister Queen hasn't given us her list yet ... QQ
    [queentswana] 8:08 pm: see [email protected] :punch:
    [The Lounge]: Apple_Gurl has left at 8:09 pm
    [Destee] 8:09 pm: lol Sister Queen
    [watzinaname] 8:09 pm: River, there was some mention in an earlier class about abuses of the police and the justice system...perhaps those subcategories could be considered as well.
    [watzinaname] 8:10 pm: Poverty
    [Destee] 8:10 pm: Poverty
    [watzinaname] 8:11 pm: I think I'm going to become the teacher's pet...QQn
    [Destee] 8:11 pm: lol Sister Watz ... hahahaha ... i was wundr'n if you were trying to take my spot ! :)
    [Destee] 8:11 pm: giving all the right answers and stuff !
    [watzinaname] 8:12 pm: Yeah, you know that was my real aim all along...LOL
    [Destee] 8:12 pm: lol :)
    [queentswana] 8:12 pm: River ...notice how destee come up with the same word as watz ??
    [watzinaname] 8:12 pm: yes and she's not the only one...
    [queentswana] 8:13 pm: hahaha
    [Destee] 8:13 pm: lol Sister Queen ... :punch:
    [Destee] 8:13 pm: you need to go to the office ... rite now!
    [queentswana] 8:14 pm: lol
    [Destee] 8:14 pm: Teacher ... i wish you'd get Sister Watz to quit looking at my paper for the answers ... QQ
    [The Lounge]: has left at 8:14 pm
    [Destee] 8:15 pm: k Teacher ... i guess i'll just keep sharing the answers with her
    [Destee] 8:15 pm: k Teacher ... i'll do that from now on
    [watzinaname] 8:16 pm: Okay....Can it be said that white racism causes a lack of job opportunities for Black males, and thus minimizes the opportunity for economic growth?
    [Destee] 8:16 pm: k ... Sister Watz ... from now ... you gotta answer first ... so we can be sure you aint copying from my mind :)
    [Destee] 8:16 pm: let me stop carrying on ... Sister Watz is doing the dadgum thang!
    [Destee] 8:16 pm: Go Sister Watz !!! :clap: :clap:
    [watzinaname] 8:16 pm: I'd have to use a telescope Destee, since I'm now sitting next to river...but anyway...
    [Destee] 8:17 pm: lol Sister Watz :)
    [watzinaname] 8:19 pm: Btw, is anyone keeping a log of this class, cause I surely won't remember all of this...QQn
    [watzinaname] 8:20 pm: TY river