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    No matter who you are, when you are truly down with the ever-presence of God's Divine Order here is what you must know. And no matter the persistent distraction either; the "mind-defining" society that you so happen to live in because they are all worldly linked and/or one in the same ( few heads). And here is what you must know, despite how good you artistically are... As that is that you too, are....."an out-law". Fret not though, as eye do say, "Welcome to reality instead, which is a universal realm called God-consciousness." As clarity is the key into seeing all that surrounds your impressionable mind... You see, slavery...that exist in (m)any forms and all through a "thought" controlled (thus mutilated into a exoteric) "mind"... Hmm....I cannot agree with this... detest the (anti-spiritual) abomination in this mind-controlling non-sense. We are all...returning spirits into the same one here and now that joins all within "the all"; so let "hell" be but once and no more by understanding the here and now that you too are in. God presents mirrors for all within "the all" to see through; as all is a mirror. And all that you have to do or ever had to do is enter...through thy very center into the ever-presence of. See this... Eye speak of the "devils" mind-controlling "masterful" code...broken. As that is about all that man's super-ego (which is...the devil) actually does, which is break... Let the war games begin......... Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.