Chief Elder Osiris : Claiming Jesus Without The Cross

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    DEAR Afrikan,

    I think before criticizing President Gadaffi you
    should first do research on what islam scholars say
    about Jesus. For Muslims they say and believe that
    Jesus was not crusified that God saved him and send
    unknown person to take his place. Any Conviced Muslim
    will tell you that God loved Jesus and he could not
    let him down.

    Claiming Jesus Without The Cross

    Hoteph Beloved Sisters And Brothers:

    Beloved, the more we attempt to cling to certain aspects of Jesus and deny other aspects of him, it only reveal how irrational we have become when trying to make a Lie to be True, the above statement should be an insult to the Intelligence of Black people, especially those that are Divine Thinkers and Know what God Is.

    Beloved, you can not have Jesus without the Cross, that is being like you would make claim that you can have Fish without Water, you either buy into the entire Jesus Lie or reject the Lie, and to try and dissect a Lie only show up how confuse you are about the Lie that is requiring your action.

    Here is the reality about the Jesus Lie, you either accept the entire story of Jesus, from the virgin birth to the grave, to him be risen again, to him being taken up into heaven, or leave it alone, because any attempt to take part of Jesus and leave other parts of Jesus alone and treat it as if it does not belong, such an effort only show how vivid the Jesus Lie is.

    As I often say beloved, if you do not Know, you set yourself us to believe anything and the quoted statement above is anything but the Divine Truth, yet you are encouraged to believe such a stated statement above, and beloved, I mean no disrespect to anybody, it is just that I am compelled to respect the Divine Truth over a make believe Lie.

    Beloved, take away the Cross from Jesus and Jesus disappear, just as he will disappear if you attempt to take away the Virgin birth of Jesus, all of Jesus attributes are needed to verify an attempt to justify the Lie that surround the Jesus Saga, and beloved, God played no part in creating the Jesus Lie, that Lie must be contributed to the Human Being and them alone.

    Now, the saying is that you should not invade the privacy of others religion, but Divine Truth say Lies and acts of deception has no place to be claimed as a safe sanctuary, where Lies and deception can be able to go and not be revealed and continue to do its dirty work, like throwing a brick and hiding its hand of action.

    Beloved, there is nothing Sacred about Evil and it was Evil that caused the down fall of the Black world and did crucify the Divine Knowledge of our Black Theology and the success of that evil action that was and still is being perpetrated against the Black World is evident today, need I ask you to go and run, run, run as fast as you can and fetch your mirror and behold the result of what evil has done to that reflection you are looking at in that mirror and the coat of that evil wore when crucifying the Black World is none other than the Human Being Religion, be they Caucasian, Arabs or Hykso. ( Jews )

    Beloved, are you Black people aware of what Time it is and that this is the Time for the resurrection of your Divine Mind, the Energy that is capable of raising you back upon the Divine Throne from which all Divine information Flow and it is that Divinity that is qualified to bring Harmony, Order, and Balance back to your Black Life ?

    Are you aware that this is our Divine Time to turn on the Sun of your Black soul, yet you allow a trumped up religion to condemn every action you take in identifying the evil in our Black Life, oh beloved, how sad and pitiful we Black folks have become, and now do not have control over our Divine Mind, we be ,just a victim of the Human Being Mind and it is the Human Being Mind that have you to hold up such profanity as the quote is above, while you attempt to sanctify such profane statement concerning the Lie stated to be contributed to God.

    Beloved, I have no choice but to share with you the Divine Truth about God, Universe, and your Black Selves, because from our Ancient First Way Ancestors, I am instructed to wipe away all excuse of ignorance to the Divine Truth, meaning the veil of Bliss can not be held as your cloak of an excuse of ignorance, the Divine Information is now come for you the Black World to be aware of, as well as the other World, and beloved, you can not spite me by choosing to maintain your rejection of the Divine Information now being shared with you.

    Beloved, as I say, I come unto you and I share the Divine Truth with you, then you either accept and act upon it or you reject and maintain the direction that your Black Life is now being guided, under a banner call religion, that which has proved to you that it is not concerned about you regaining your Divine Mind, so that you may do what is necessary to save your Black Life, no beloved, because it is religion that is crucifying your black Life, offering you a promise it is incapable of insuring you it will be, and is Real, a Life in Heaven I speak of, while religion is causing you all of the Hell your Black Life is confronted with as I speak through writing to you.

    The Divine Truth, Black Folks Despise The Divine Truth, While Being Held Captive By A Profane Lie Call Religion.

    Here Is Loving You

    Chief Elder