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    CIVIL RIGHTS FROM 1776-2009
    By Andre Austin

    The original intent of the Constitution was to keep Blacks slaves, sub human of 3/5 a person and allow the immigration of slavery until 1808. Whites feared threat too many people in the US would cause riots, insurrection and the overthrow of their white supremacy world. The same way the ancient Egyptians viewed the rise in the numbers of Israelites is a point of comparison (Exodus 1:8-10). The Catholic Church and others condemned the use of Indian/Native American slaves but suggested Blacks instead. The Catholic church was involved with dividing the world between Spain and Portugal during the 15th century. It was involved with the first Africans enslaved in Europe. The church was once the biggest slave owner in the world. The 1st Civil Rights Movement began when Blacks quickly learned their freedom wasn’t worth a confederate note until a 100 years later.

    The 14th amendment of the constitution in 1868 an extension of the Declaration of Independence of 1776 which stated: “They (we) are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness”. In 1868 it made to apply to black people: “Nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property without due process”. Those who believed in states rights would oppose all of the above quotes and leave it up to whites to decide the fate of Blacks. The pursuit of happiness was translated to owning property and a house you know the American dream.

    The other hallmark of the 14th amendment was its stand on equal rights and equal protection. Segregationist Judges on the Supreme Court concocted a plan to give Blacks equal treatment but to stay separate from Whites. This was codified under Homer Plessy vs. Ferguson in 1896 keeping blacks separate in public institutions and facilities. This was the law of the land which gave no teeth to the 14th amendment for blacks. The court interpreted the 14th Amendment broadly and applied them to many situations unrelated to blacks. The court used the 14th amendment primarily to protect the wealth of major White corporations. The court showed much favor to corporations , but it ruled against blacks who were disenfranchised, terrorized and lynched. The Most famous recipient of the 14th Amendment was King George Bush. The nightmare scenario of the 2000 election fiasco of Bush vs Gore came down to the 14th amendment. Judge Scalia argued that Bush’s 14th amendments rights were violated. Bush was white but he was able to use the 14th amendment that was created for former slaves to get equal protection and citizenship rights. Bush benefited from something he didn’t even believe in. Bush and his gang believed in state rights of white majority being able to dictate to black people how to behave in society. It was until 1954 that the Plessy case was overturned in Brown vs Board of Education. Now a pathway was set for middle and upper class blacks to gain access to good schools and neighborhoods. However Brown didn’t end segregation. If it had Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks wouldn’t have started the Montgomery Bus boycott in 1955.

    CIVIL RIGHTS 1955-1968

    In 1963 a march on Washington was created for Jobs and justice. The march on Washington lead to the 1964 Civil Rights Acts that allowed people like Colin Powell sit at a lunch counter and order a hamburger and fries. One of the organizers of the march was Bayard Rustin a gay former employee of Martin Luther King. Malcolm X didn’t like Rustin. X said while talking to a FBI agent: “It is going to be worse in 1964 than in 1963, as long as you got these freaks like Rustin who is nothing but a homo who can be projected by the press as a leader of black people, then you are going to have trouble on your hands”.(Malcolm X: The Man and his times p.201). Its too bad Malcolm X made this statement because while he was doped up on the streets he allowed **** to perform oral sex on him for payment. He edited this fact out of his book. Malcolm X was loud talking on the sidelines playing the role of a signifying Muslim.

    The 1964 Civil Rights Act is a continuation of the 14th amendment and parts of the declaration of Independence. And the sad fact white corporations benefited more from it.

    In January of 1965 Playboy magazine interviewed Martin Luther King and asked him a very crucial question.

    Alex Haley: Do you feel it’s fair to request a multibillion-dollar of preferential treatment for the negro, or any other minority program.

    King: I do indeed can any fair minded citizen deny that the negro has been deprived. Few people reflect that for two centuries the negro was enslaved, and robbed of any wages-potential accrued wealth which would have been the legacy of his descendants. All of America’s wealth today could not adequately compensate its negro’s for his centuries of exploitation and humiliation…in any case, I do not intend that this program of economic aid should apply only to the negro; it should benefit the disadvantage of all races”-Playboy Magazine . The whites who were hostile to Blacks Civil rights seized upon quotes like this to advocate a color-blind utopia society where access to economic freedom is based on class not race, merit vs. a free lunch. The Nixion administration tried this tactic after whites saw riots in the streets and the Black power movement of the 1960’s. Regan and Nixon wanted Law and order. Nixon used his assistants like Moynihan to blame the pathologies of the Black Family. The number one enemy of the Black man was the Blackman without looking at the stock market on Corrections and Teachers unions living off the fat of Black ignorance. King felt slaver and the Black family were related. “Slavery separated families from families, and the pattern of disunity that we see among negroes today derives directly from this cruel fact of history”-Playboy 1965

    Martin L. King was smart he knew that the battle was for unity of the Black family and building coalitions with other groups. Look at Barack Obama he built a coalition with gays, woman, Hispanics and young people to be the first Black President of the United States. Whites who were against Civil Rights insisted that white women be included in Affirmative Action. All of the rights gained by the civil rights movement have been bequeathed to groups that are more acceptable to the larger society-women, gays, Hispanics, Asians, handicapped and poor whites. They identified every group that could possibly perceive itself as aggrieved and made it equal to blacks. Civil rights groups like the NAACP have expanded and now include all of the above mentioned above. Black organizations can’t raise enough money to survive by just focusing on their own agenda. The media ignores Black organizations until disturbances and or anniversaries of their movement. Media attention is a fuel line to fund raising.

    When forced to make Civil Rights accommodation, whites have hired women, Asian and Hispanics ethnics and the handicapped, ahead of blacks. They have all piggy backed on the Civil rights legislation blacks have fought hard and long to win. Black people will make a mistake if they do not keep their coalitions intact. Obama won over this coalition just like King knew any program for Blacks must include others. Hispanics now call Obama an honorary Amigo just like blacks called Clinton an honorary Black. Obama is a Trillion dollar man who wishes to see all the money distributed equally among his coalition of his base. Obama Base is the Ghetto, Chinatown, Latino-America, white women, Jews, and yes the gays too.

    African-Americans must stop taking out their problems of jobs on Mexico. Our citizenship rights was given in the 14th amendment in 1868 but it was enforced until the 1960’s. They wanted free labor or exploitation without citizenship. Mexicans are treated the same. White corporations want them to work but not bequeath citizenship.

    We have neutralize the GOP with unity and love. The south will rise no more. They never wanted us anyway. They don’t want to attract hordes of blacks because they do not want to tarnish themselves with too many Black Republicans. The GOP wanted a massive horde of Hispanics voters because they were seen as honorary white. Obama flipped their strategies. The GOP shot itself in the foot because they were so hostile to Mexican yearning for the American dream at the border. A smart coalition is where everyone is included and get a piece of the action.
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    What you say is laudable and your research is commendable but when one looks at the policies and appointments as well as executive orders made from Jan 21 to date, have supported mostly the corporate favoring or neocon agenda, at the expense of the masses, in
    and foreign affairs.

    The GOP will put on a circus of rage and anger to keep us off track of their actualy celebrating the actual results,
    as opposed to the rhetoric

    and with all due respect,
    the schools in the south are more or just as segregated as are also schools here in NYC, also please note tha no policies have been implemented unless you could please post them, regarding the dismantling of institutional racism, and defacto racism, in first fired, last hired policies re-established during this current depression