Black Poetry : Civil Disobedience (Politicians Make Me Sick)

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    Seems to me, someone has to set the record straight,
    you can’t take time to help us out
    but spend millions on great debates….where you lobby
    for our votes
    like Satan snatching souls,
    well, no longer will I be led astray,
    I’m about to reverse the role….
    think about it,
    who would these leaders be, if the people turned their backs,
    somewhere crying the blues about how they had their chance
    while putting dishes in stacks (no disrespect to dishwashers)
    and in the big house ironically painted white
    (when there’s nothing pure but the lack of shame)
    we have a man who’s doing all he can
    to exceed his father’s name,
    talks of waging wars and eradicating terror,
    and I can’t even walk down the street,
    might get shot, or robbed, stabbed, killed,
    not to mention I’m struggling to pay my next bill,
    and you tell me vote Republican….you’ll give the economy a boost,
    and you say vote Democratic…and you’ll bring jobs to my town,
    how about $347.55 so I can get the landlord off my back,
    how about $215.43 so my ex-wife won’t call back,
    how about a couple a dollars now, up front,
    so I won’t have to eat plain bread,
    how about a little bit of peace of mind,
    so I won’t spend nights, wide awake, in my bed,
    contemplating stealing so my children won’t have to beg to survive,
    how about assuring that in 10 years, it’ll be worth it to stay alive,
    cause I’m tired of ghettos, and tenement houses, Section 8, and welfare lines,
    it seems you’ve got your entire act together,
    when’s it my turn to get mine?
    do I have to loot, burn something down,
    before you see my soul's in distress,
    I want my slice of this American pie….
    nothing more, nothing less
    don’t be a politician,
    be a person who made a difference,
    that will get you my respect,
    cause I’ve had my share
    of politicians talking big game,
    when all I see is neglect
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    ATP this is a hot piece. i really enjoyed it - felt the rage. we done fine poet, well done.