Black Poetry : Circular Music Temple (Tornado Style)

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    I write the real
    from my mindset
    the Garveyian Difference
    composed of business
    and economics.

    Touch down
    an auditorium
    my circular temple
    but backup
    i been to the Queen's Theater
    in London
    watched the Phantom of the Opera
    paid attention to the structure
    and how the atmosphere dazzled
    the couples
    i rather have my musical formations
    come perform
    center stage
    in the middle
    different exits
    from the sides
    you can go up
    or down
    and be seated
    a young architect i am
    far from a structural engineer
    if you know how to form
    a music label
    plus distribute
    have your own record store
    digital and on-ground
    plus host your own events
    on your own property
    then you at a point in time
    where i am too...
    and see i deal with real music
    marketing to students and professors alike
    bring your instruments
    to record
    inside a studio
    apart from the live section
    where people fill in
    to hear live instrumentalists
    freestyle or prepared sheet music
    from the venue all exclusive
    and see all of my musicians
    will know how each note heals
    a certain part of the body
    so when you come as you are
    you will be guaranteed to be a changed person
    using the engineering with trigonometry
    everyone who enters
    will not be the same when they exit
    that's why sketching your ideas
    is critical along with writing them down too
    hire you the correct person
    to finish off the ideas
    patent or protect yours
    do whatever your first mind told you to do
    I got a circular temple
    my stationary tornado
    gather my powers
    to attract the cold and the warm
    positives and the negatives
    to make a balanced funnel
    all heads enter
    cause everybody came
    to feel what the venue is about
    mastermind i am
    from another aspect of my Dynasty
    Imhotep's student in the flesh
    god at my best
    aiming to be better
    minding my own business
    twirling in the skies
    eyes came to view
    envisioning the supreme windstorm
    fascinated and stunned
    they cannot believe
    that it is about to go down
    cause location location location location
    plays apart of
    business and economics
    so continue to watch
    me touch down
    all from the eye
    get prepared
    i'm bout tah

    I write the real
    from my mindset
    the Garveyian Difference
    composed of business
    and economics.