Black Poetry : Circle of Oppression


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Mar 17, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
Director, Community Employment Strategies
Get out of the continuum of nothingness

for your own sake

--not for mine--

Break the cycle of narcosis

by stimulating

the intellect of your

3rd eye ~

tear through

and free yourself from within

the confines of mendacity--

a ring that encloses

surrounding the pysch ~O~ logic

...impairing ... paralyzing

a weak and fraile --scattered mind

...if you only use 10% of your brain
to think things sensibly through...

~ then what, may I ask
happens to the
remaining 90% that
is left unUsed?

Did you get caught up

in the pinwheel

of a phucked up life ~

--misguided by fortune tellers

that directed your every inadequate

move... mislead by half-truths

So much that

'Love' -- hated you

and latent ignorance

woke up next to you

or even how ignorance

follows close behind

in your footsteps

until -- at last

it catches up with you

~~ bringing you back

to the same circle of oppression

... accompanied by lies that allure

and steal your spirit



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