Black Sports : Cincinnati Red batter George Foster talks about his career and life

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    Sports wrap-up with Sports Historian and commentator Doc Stanley and the Posse. Doc talked with guest George Foster, one of Baseball's greatest players.

    The legendary George Foster began his career in the San Francisco Giants organization. The Giants dealt him early in the 1971 season to the Cincinnati Reds. George made the Reds lineup as the starting center fielder and immediately hit 10 home runs and drove in 50 runs in his first season as a Red. Foster helped propel the Reds to the best record in baseball and a World Series victory over the Boston Red Sox.

    A five-time All-Star (1976–79, 1981), Mr. Foster was a member of the 1970s Big Red Machine, leading the league in home runs in 1977-78, runs batted in from 1976–78, and OPS in 1977. That year, Foster hit 52 home runs, making him the only major league player to belt 50 or more homers in a single season. In recognition of his accomplishment, George Foster received the NL's MVP award. He was tauted as one of the 100 Greatest Baseball Players of All Time. In 2003, George was inducted into the Cincinnati Red Hall of Fame.

    A father of two, George Foster is married to BlakeRadio host, Sheila Foster.

    Sports 'n Depth is one of the show I produce on the BlakeRadio Network, Rainbow Soul.

    If you are a baseball fan, Cincinnati Red fans may enjoy the show that Sports historian George Foster CR.jpg.jpg Doc Stanley did with the legendary George Foster.