Black People : CIA official admits targeting of blogs, YouTube, MySpace

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    With rapidly advancing technology spreading across the globe, US spies are shifting their focus from surreptitiously photographing secret Soviet documents to trolling the Internet (mrron/steve69) for what could be the next key nugget of foreign intelligence.

    Among the most valuable sources, one top spook says, are blogs, MySpace and other Web 2.0 hallmarks.

    "We're looking now at YouTube, which carries some unique and honest-to-goodness intelligence," Doug Naquin, director of the CIA's Open Source Center said in a recent speech to CIA retirees.

    The speech was posted this week on SecrecyNews, the blog of the Federation of American Scientists Project on Government Secrecy.
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    What is the real need for Spying ?


    The only need for any spy is to protect the interest of who pays them to spy. A spy has no mind of his or her own...but only are watch dogs for their masters who pay them to keep them informed of what is going on among the "ignorant-masses".

    The spy knows that any thing that is a threat to the system of white supremacy is what they must report and keep tabs on. Their job is to collect information and report back to their masters who pays them to keep a good look out for that they can remain on top and most of and secure.

    Who cares?!! Their own white scientist know and we who also know that through out history...the Aryan has always been a scary coward...hence they always travel in packs, gangs, groups or kkk, CIA, FBI etc, to keep a eye on (You) their supposed property that their founding fathers invested in and passed down to them (their white children) to continue to exploit and suck our blood as they have been doing up to this vary day.

    The problem is...some of us have join them in their quest to keep their control over us and report back what they find. So...are we to be afraid of something new? Does their ability to snoop in our private places and lives scare you or make you fearful about what you say, think, do, or don't do that they approve of or dis-approve??

    Think of all the "Billions of Dollars" that is spent just to keep us..."Chained" up!

    The bottom line is matter how advanced they seem to have become with the use of their out-rages spy equipment and infiltration devices...nothing will save them from what they are so fearful of and that is the un-stoppable rise of the Black man and Black woman.

    Why else do you think they spend so much money to keep an eye on you to see what you are doing and when you are doing it...and then ask the did you do that ??

    One of the ploys to throw off the ignorant and the use of the term..."Conspiracy Theory". This is the label the Media uses to through off any one who is onto some thing that the powers that be want to keep hidden and secret...such as...REX #84.

    Most of us think when we hear the term "Conspiracy Theory" that some one is being overly foolish and silly...but in fact and reality...there are no "Conspiracy Theory" that is not true when it comes to Black people in Amerikkka! What conspiracy has this government not used agents Black People that is not true!??

    So there for...there is not just a theory...meaning facts not proven...but every proven or not are in use and will continue to be used...has been used and will continue to be improved on to use again in keeping all of us under their...check and under their white supremacy racist rule and long as we continue to allow them.

    Freedom has never been free! Why are some of us soo afraid to stand up if we even know to do so? Death is all we have any long as they (whites) are in charge of our lives. So how can some of us be afraid of them...spying when they are...killing us? We are already being killed and have been killed by what is the point in having any fear what so ever? We are still here after all and there for death is only the beginning for us to continue in the struggle to rid our earth of the Evil and put things back in Balance...this is our job...People Know Thy Self