Black Poetry : " church choirboyz "

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    lend me some sugar.. l am your neighbor
    ok.. I apologize in advance
    you boyz look sodomized how you dance...
    snapping,, rolling., dipping.. nah... you can't be unzipping
    so you think already i'm tripping..
    i'd rather be in the doghouse instead of the church house catnipping...
    truth is.. praise is a warrior's song and worship is real man's lifestyle in both his right or wrong..
    but it's 7pm featuring bobby jones so it must be the night of thongs..
    so who does she trust??
    b/c homey I don't two step traditionally and i'm not that epitome of a black man whose only action is in the church walls at altar calls .. I got a sawed for y'all AND your
    choir director glimpsing at mr. walter's balls...
    so what's appealing.. an aimless man with a **** tambourine crying and kneeling?? but what's more revealing is none of these choirboys are doing any dying or killing but like the head of their church doing more lying and stealing...

    this is really just a spat.. I'm just sick of these church people particular these choir boys and their whole **** demeanor I just saw on tv... geez