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    By Andre Austin

    The original Christmas story of Mary & Joseph can be found in Plutarch’s story of Isis and Osiris also in the works of Josephus of his tale of Decius Mundus. Naming the Gospel characters and the corresponding names. You are invited to also read Albert Bell’s “Josephus The Satirist: A clue to the original form of The Testimonium Flavianum (1976), A Testimony of Josephus to Christianity By Clyde Pharr (1927) and last but not least Th...e puzzle of Decius Mundus By Joseph Atwill (chapter 11 of Caesar’s Messiah (2011)

    1. Joseph = Decius Mundus or Osiris
    2. John the Baptist = Anubis
    3. Mary = Isis or Paulina
    4. Elizabeth Barren= Nephthys or sister of Isis / Fulvia
    5. Saturnius = the husband of Paulina and Fulvia. The name is a pun on Christmas festival of Saturnalia a winter festival in which masters and slaves exchange roles, a time of gift giving and sex orgies.
    6. Zacharis is husband to Elizabeth corresponds to Set-Osiris
    7. Jesus = Horus or Serapis= Osiris and apis bull known as the Golden Calf in OT is born in a manger in the NT which is a box/crib for sterile/barren mules or calf’s in the NT. In the Testimonium Flavianum before Jesus is mentioned the story of the effigy of Caesar is typological linked with the Golen Calf story in Exodus 32
    8. Osiris goes to bed with Nephthys thinking she is Isis giving birth to Anubis (the dog Jackal) in Plutarch’s story.
    9. In Josephus story of Decius Mundus pretends to switch roles (Saturnalia festival) with Anubis god in order to have sex with Paulina and Fulvia.
    10. St. Paul (Paulina),of the NT is recycled into the story by being sodomized by Emperor Domitian pretending to be the dog Anubis ( Phillippians 3:2-9) Paul=Tiny a joke about his castration. Paul becomes homosexual because he as a slave to Domitian submits to “Everything” as he advises others slaves to do. Paul states he receives the same marks as Jesus. This of course fits very well with MalachI 4 stating that the root and branch will be thrown in fire. With the tree being symbolic of the penis and Domitian and his father and brother Titus known to scourge the penis off the messianic leadership of the rebel Jews.