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    woman was having breakfast at McDonald’s with her daughter when she heard screams coming from the bathroom.

    Nancy Jones was on a work break when she heard the cries, according to WTSP-TV.

    “We heard screaming, yelling so loud you could hear in the back of the store,” Jones said.

    Her daughter April who also heard the cries for help added, “I looked around and the screams were coming from the bathroom. Next thing I see her husband running to the bathroom. He said ‘She’s pregnant.’”

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    She ran to the bathroom with the husband and saw that the baby was crowning. They laid down a couple of jackets on the floor for the woman.

    April also said, “I put on gloves. She was dilating really fast … baby’s head is popped out, now the cord is around the baby’s neck.”

    That is when April’s training as an LPN kicked in.

    “As soon as I get the baby turned she pushed out one more time. He’s out in my hands, blue as your shirt … Next thing she pushes again, here’s the afterbirth, placenta, cord, everything.”

    The baby was not breathing properly, but paramedics arrived and Jones helped them cut the cord.

    They then gave the baby oxygen and carried him off to the ambulance.