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    There are certain morals behind Christmas that we can't escape, and perhaps they have nothing to do with the Holiday itself, but those who promote the Holiday use them to promote it's usefulness.

    For me and many others, Christmas is based in myth. Choose one. Santa or Jesus, and perhaps a few Elves shattered here and there.

    But I also know Christmas and it's mythology is only a delivery system for something very Human. Which is the reason it's such a difficult tradition to break.

    Everyone wants a gift, and many of feel good giving them. Especially because it's a good way to make up for all the people we cut in front of during the year. All the arguments. All the negative things we wish didn't happen. It's amazing how one present can clear all that up.

    As much as you remind people of all the millions Black people spend around Christmas, and how we are actually funding our oppression by buying from our oppressors....hummm, it goes in one ear.

    And why? Because Christmas is a play on human emotions. I dated a Jehovah's Witness years ago, and while she didn't celebrate Christmas, she expected a gift around the holidays- it took me some time to wrap my head around that one. Then we have folks who celebrate Kwanzaa and Christmas..which seems nice right? Right after you get all your gifts on the 25th, you're a Pan African again by the 26th.

    People always ask me what I celebrate. I celebrate my people, and waking up.
    These are two things I can be thankful for everyday. And because I celebrate my people, Christmas often comes up in the equation. It's almost impossible to avoid Christmas if you're in a relationship with someone who enjoys receiving gifts. My Queen for example, enjoys the idea of Christmas trees and decorations around the house, because she was raised up up- by a beautiful Man-like myself. Her Father denied Christmas from the family every year. She tells the story as if somehow he managed to keep Santa tied up in a broom closet until after Christmas day. I understand how traumatic something like that might be for a child, seeing everyone getting presents, but not them. So to a degree I understand.

    I said to a degree- because she knows I'd have Santa in a broom closet too. People often say I miss the point about People miss the point.
    It's foolish that people become so "merry" and polite around the Holiday, only to go back to their madness after December.

    What if anything is Christmas supposed to teach us?

    As a Business man, it teaches me that I am in the wrong business. I should be in retail or the Restaurant business. Around this time of year our people are shopping and eating, stopping and eating. The 99 cent stores can't keep the shelves stacked fast enough. The gas companies are making billions. Footlocker is sold out. Loans are taken out. Rent, Car notes and mortgages interrupted....we'll pay them next month- hopefully. Credit cards maxed out.
    And this is all the money we we've been saving. 800 Billion, dumped right back into the laps of White folks. Christmas has to be the model for what would happen if Black folks ever got reparations.

    Oh but there's nothing wrong with gift-giving and community. But these are things we can celebrate whenever we wish. The greatest irony here is that Christmas is totally African, because only African people bring gifts when they first visit someone's house- and this is the myth of the 3 Wise Men who visited baby Jesus- which also follows the myth of Old St. Nick.

    Again we see our old tradition used against us, not to empower us at all but to cripple us. Anyone crying broke in January should be reminded of what they did with their money in December.

    But another sad reality is, our Holy-days aren't very holy. What was once a staple for family and community connections has become less and less a way for people to commune with one another and more of something done to pass the time. If the Black Nation were truly a one big family, we would know more of the things we need, and less about the things we want. But we aren't building family anymore. Our people are becoming more and more estranged from one another. Who needs another pair of shoes, and another bottle of perfume? Another card saying "merry Christmas and happy new year" to go along with all the others in a shoebox under the bed.

    But we do need family. We need like minded connections. We need better relationships between Black Men and Black Women. We need an economy that we control and use to grow and protect our self interests. We need visionaries, and we need their ideas. We need repatriation, as often as possible. We need our physical, mental and spiritual health.

    Who is giving out these gifts around Christmas?

    And that is the point most people miss. Christmas is a distraction away from the things you really need, by giving you the things you want. It's a play on human emotions. And I'll play right along with it, but I'll keep singing the same song.

    You know, this week alone- about 11 people passed away in my neighborhood. Not from any sicknesses or illnesses either. They were Elders, who just decided to leave all at the same time. I can't help to think that perhaps it was there way of getting out of Christmas, or a way to be remembered and not forgotten.

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    you make good points here

    only those with "vision" can truly understand this

    i'm like you i don't follow christmas

    i think we should live everyday "christmas"

    be merry love each other

    but i don't get it

    i need to set aside a day to be good?

    like you said then people go back to the same bullish

    like some "church" people who don't understand what love is

    praying i'm holy and then come out and you got one of the most nastiest

    people you ever saw

    it's sad but what's even sadder

    is that people expect a material gift

    what if i just gave an elderly person some time some conversion?

    and i told my queen my present to you this year is we're going to help some

    old people what would she say?


    i would wonder what would be the response all over the country

    i wish every day was "christmas" showing love and concern

    and showing respect for each other

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    This was a very good analysis of our "Christmas" tradition. I will definitely be looking out for more stuff written by you.


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    Sad to say it, but spending time holding dialogues with elders, children, etc., is being "faded away" today due to increased mis-leading use of Science & Technology - westernized "holyday" notwithstanding.

    *coughing* Capitalism! hehe...

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    Hi Metaverse ... such a blessing to come across your words today.

    I am hoping that you and yours are fine and well.

    Please do come back home and visit us when you can.

    Much Much Love and Peace.