Black Poetry : CHRISTMAS #1

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    RHYME my corrupt fate had me up late on Christmas Eve
    In a blue dress with true breasts, guess a guy duty is to believe
    I can supply booty to him, so I’m a fly beauty they try retrieve
    Like dogs do bones they wanna screw me at home when mom’s gone
    My red lips accommodate kiss hips create twists soft like foam
    So hot down there juice, around everywhere panties wet and strong
    Candies get sewn in stitches hormone itches they’re homegrown
    Sex slop thrill like a hot grill have a pot filled with goods
    So men have a deft spree like KFC they be fingering and could
    Be licking the chicken at the same time sex tame a mind
    Oh brother I know mother will be surprised when she find
    Me waiting for Santa “girl what up? “Go to bed” oh no I dread
    This, “Mother I wanna see Santa” oh no dear not in a mini-skirt red
    You’ll put plenty dirt in his head just go to bed I said” “mom you misled”
    “oh girl you just nineteen juicy coo-chee have grown fat and brown
    But you’re not ready and hot enough for a Christmas sweaty **** going down
    Deep in your juicy bold coo-chee hole Santa will go crazy in your gravy girl”
    “But mother can he lift my dress get a wet gift to impress him? I’ll bravely hurl
    Coo-chee back to him but dear what you know about men? “I know a lot
    I know they get on top and drop **** inside and ride RHYME the talk was hot
    With mother

    good santa woogly
    tyte christmas drop

    nice drop enjoyed

    wonderful drop Mad

    Right on, baby, keep it comin.

    thanks for the props on this one yall for real

    back in da mix santa is !!!!
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    awesome joint how did i miss this one ...anyway

    Merry christmas brother Rhymebad