Black Spirituality Religion : Christians: How do we feel about Christianity's endorsement of slavery?

Well Sir, I don't follow you (your thinking) but I am Black and was only thinking about what Black Christians felt about Christianity's endorsement of slavery. That is why I asked on a Black site.


Why not ask how Muslims feel about Islam's endorsement AND PRESENT-DAY practice of slavery? Or is your not-at-all veiled attack reserved for Christians and Christianity?
Ok, not trying to start no ish but, was it the verbage of the question or the concept that got you Bruthas going after J. Williams? While Bro Clyde came back with an excellent question of his own, I don't think that the original question was answered.

Typically and normally, when a person says what they are not trying to do, its usually just the opposite, they are doing what they say they are not ... Having said that, his attitude, his approach, as a brand new guy, which you missed, causes us to "go after" him, not the question(s) asked.

And if you read all of his Thread's, perhaps you will see what most of us see in newbie, John Williams ... Not to mentioned this action taken by Sister Destee ... already! ...

John Williams ... don't make me stab you up in here.

You're new and coming in here ask'n us krazee stuff ... go ask your Momma.

This thread is closed.


Destee, Sunday at 10:39 PM

I didn't assume you were anything but black, and my thinking is born out of the title of your thread. Which is associating us with that verse in the bible, which is kind of in error since there has been slavery in every race, since forever.

So it is clear what your intent is.


I'm still not following you, Bro, but Peace!


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