Black Spirituality Religion : CHRISTIANITY OVER-VIEW PT.2

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    The fourth period, beginning from 1500 to 1800 is the real discovery of Christian fraud. It was in that period that Martin luther started the revolt which led to the birth of Protestantism, which is just a branch of the main trunk of Catholicism, somewhat modified from the original.

    In its bloody battles to hold its fading power, the church murdered millions of "heretics". In Spain alone between 1600 and 1670, the church inquisition burnt alive 31,912 heretics.

    Queen Isabella, writing to the bishop of Segovia of her work to promote Christianity said; "I have caused great calamities. I have depopulated towns and provinces and kingdoms for the love of Christ". (see: History of Inquisitions, pg.124)

    Hordes of Huns, Goths and Vandals were imported from the north by the church to replace the murdered populations. They were permitted to enter and take possession of the property of the slain upon taking an oath to believe in the Gospel Jesus and support and defend Roman Catholicism.

    By 1816 outraged public sentiment was so great that a papal bull was issued to "put an end to the torture and murderous work of the church for opinions sake".

    for more than 1200 years, the church had reighned supreme over Europe. The pope was the dictator not only of man's religious life, but also of his political and intellectual activities. Men were denied the right to think outside the narrow limits of Christianity. If they did, they were tortured and burnt "at the iron stake for opinions sake."

    A book on Canon Law, approved by Pope Leo XIII says, "The death sentence is a necessary and efficacious means for the church to attain its ends".

    No one not doing research would be amazed to find the purposeful intent to spread throughout the world what the church knew was not real. Enlightened people are difficult to enslave. Despots and rulers want slaves, they therefor hate enlightenment.

    Why did Archbishop Chrysostomus boast in the middle of the 5th century A.D. "that every trace of the ancient philosophy and literature has vanished from the face of the earth?"

    Why did the church fear the printing press when its invention made it possible to supply the world with books?

    The then Bishop of London in 1474, in a convocation to his clergy said; "If we do not destroy this dangerous invention it will one day destroy us". Without knowing it, he had voiced a prophecy that is coming to pass.

    (to be continued)