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    I WILL FIRST GIVE AN OVER-VIEW AND THEN PROCEED BACKWARDS TO EXTRACT HISTORICAL FACTS AS THEY RELATE TO CHRISTIANITY. I did it with Isam also, so don't be hating...just enjoy, open your minds and research what I'm laying down.

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    Keita Kenyatta

    Part 1. OVER-VIEW

    A full and correct account of the birth and reign of Christianity can never be written because its fraudulent nature caused the so called founding fathers to destroy many records relating to it.

    1.The Christian era can roughly be divided into five parts, with the first part beginning from 325 A.D. to 500. This is the period that saw the birth and establishment of the Holy Roman Church.

    2. The second part beginning with 500 A.D. to the year 1000 was the Christian nightmare. Not even the most ingenious Christian writer has been able to dissipate the darkness and mitigate the horrors of that real and only Christian time era. An era when the Pope was the supreme ruler of Europe, and his Bishops ruled the provinces of the Roman Empire and grew wealthy on graft. Historians fix the 8th, 9th, and the 10th centuries as the period of greatest darkness...and the church was the dominate power of the world.

    3. The third part begins from 1000 A.D. to 1500 and is the awakening from the Christian nightmare. In the bloody struggle to hold its decreasing power, the church increased its work of slaughter and murder of "heretics".

    This age of Christian savagery was followed by the Thirty Years War in Germany, which reduced the living standard of the German people to the necessity of eating their dogs and cats in order to survive.

    Millions of heretics were executed, but it was not until the Spanish Inquisition
    in 1478 did church torture reach its climax. Every instrument of torture that man could devise was used by the church upon those who questioned the church doctrines.

    These outrageous tortures functioned until 1834. The executions usually took place on Sunday, amid great religious ceremonies, calculated to arouse the sentiment of the Christian mob against the victims.

    By the middle of the 14th century, hardly a hundred years after the first Turks had cast their tents in Mesopotamia, the Muhammadan civilization was so much superior to that of Christianity, that thousands of Greek and Roman Christians fled to it and embraced Islam to escape from the terror and horror of the perfect religion called Christianity.

    (Part four and five of the Over-View will be posted tomorrow).

    Keita Kenyatta
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