Black Spirituality Religion : Christianity Before Christ

Ifa has an Egyptian origin
Voudoun has an Ethiopian origin

Look it up!

Essentially, Christianity is but a component and therefore only one of many ancient spiritual beliefs practiced in Ancient Egypt --in other words it is a part of the whole rather that the whole itself. Just so you know --all spiritual practices and so-Called religious beliefs of today (eg. including Ifa and Voudoun) can be traced back to Ancient Egypt --the Daughter and Ethiopia --the Mother.

Well if Dr. Ben said it then its must be true so go practice African religion. Just think Africa will rise to the top again be one of the ones who caused it.

Have a blessed day.
You're debating which is better I'm saying pick one and practice it. Both are good systems Ifa or Voodoo. Both are of West African origin. As far as Ancient Egypt it wasn't the only great African civilization. Egypt appeared to be like an Ancient African union with Africans coming from all over African to occupy certain parts of Egyptian, many departed during upheavals and conflict. Many returned back to their ancestoral home land. Odduwa who was king of Yobubas in Egypt ordered his people to return to Ile Ife. His brother or ancestor Obatala created the town of Ile Ife. The holy city Ile Ife goes back 10,000 years before Christ and many more because thats all thats written. Yes African had written languages but found written text can get destroyed or burned or misinterpated without qualied instruction. So the Oracle was just that oral and passed down to children 5 years old who one day become elders knowing tons of stories, formulas and prescrptions. So stop putting down all of Africa if it wasn't Egypt. I used to make that mistake until Dr. Finch corrected me.


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