Black Spirituality Religion : Christianity-A Plot Used to Pacify the Black and Red Races

Hetheru Oshun

Jul 29, 2014
In the sub chapter "A Jew Teaches Slave Religion" of the book The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and jews it states: Once slavery was introduced into the colony it became essential to condition the Africans to the requirements of being slaves. The case of Joseph Ottolenghe, a Jewish resident of Georgia, provides explicit evidence of the use of Christianity to pacify and subdue the Black African. Joseph Ottolenghe applied to the Georgia trustees and to two English religious organizations who hired him in February of 1750, to train the slaves. They saw the opportunity, as Jacob Marcus wrote, to "thriftily use one stone- one missionary-to kill three birds..."


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Jul 14, 2014
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though he did actually give up tryin to convert africans after a while due to the opposition of many of the slave owners who openly said they thought converted slaves would be way more trouble - thats if you beleieve in what it says in some accounts

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