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Feb 28, 2009
"If God Took His Hand Away"
by CherryBlossom

Life does not issue absolutes
Nor offer any guarantee
So as you challenge and question God
In anger and dismay
Ask yourself, “Where would I be
If God took His Hand away?”

Yes, you’ve suffered and been hurt
But, in spite of all, I still assert
That God has never forsaken you
For you’re not the only one
Who’s ever cried, “I’m going through!”
But I remember how Job still did humbly pray
Even when his own wife told him to curse God and betray
His faith
But, No, he never went astray
Asking himself, “Where would I be
If God took His Hand away?”

Oh, yes, it’s easy to praise Him
When we’ve been blessed
But when troubles rise
Should we then, His power, doubt and despise?
Should we, then, not be impressed
Thinking HE failed some test
Because He hasn’t, yet….. let us rest?
So, then, should HIS glory be assessed
Because some days are long and grey?
Well, what would you, then, say
If God took His Hand away?
It's Me, Oh Lord

"It's Me, Oh Lord"
by CherryBlossom

Dear Heavenly Father:

Today, I, this undeserving but pleading child comes to you
As an unworthy
But sincere
To "Stand In The Gap."
No, I don't know just what or who or why
But, today, I humbly ask you to wrap
Your arms around all those who read this
Only You and they know what problems exist
But I do know that YOU can make a way out of no way
I know that YOU can change the clouds of grey
I know that YOU are the healer of a weary land
So, today, Father, I stretch out my hand
For your touch of merciful grace
No, I'm no "warrior" but, today, I'll gladly take the place
Of any who cannot seem to find the words to ask
So, here I am, a most unlikely candidate for the task
But my heart is earnest as I come to intercede
For You know our every wishful thought and wanting need
And, today, I ask for you to dispel
Whatever pain and despair
As you hear, this, my beseechful yet bold
Intercessory prayer.

In the Spirit of Sankofa and the Truth!

Yes, I am familiar with that poem.

I think it's a lovely uplifting and validating piece of poetry.

Some may disagree with the last stanza, but the rest is inarguable truth.

Well, thank you cherryblossom, I sorta figured you were familiar with the piece. And for those that may disagree with the last stanza, outside of my work: Does Color Matter?, we have Biblical History of Black Mankind by C. McGhee Livers, Shahar Publishing, which exposition focuses on aphar ha adhaman, the black clay of the ground from which Adam(Adham) was made. Livers and I are friends and are collaborating at the present with the idea of a symposium of latter rain teachers. I will keep you posted....Peace In my sister friend.



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