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    By Andre Austin

    Jesus made the famous statement: “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”- John 8:32. The above statement is an Egyptian proverb about maat (Truth). God is maat (I.e truth or the law. He is the king of truth, whose truth maketh free the tongue.

    In Egypt the god Thoth (Truth) judged the dead heart and words counterbalance with a feather of truth at a place called the Halls of Double truth. If your heart was light as a feather of truth and your words were true you were allowed to go to heaven and you were called “true of voice”.

    In Christianity (A)“the judgment of god is according to truth”-Romans 2:2
    (B)Jesus/God is the Judge-Romans 2:16
    ( C ) “every one that is of the truth heareth my (Jesus) voice”-John 18:37 this is a modified version of the Egyptian “true of voice” doctrine.

    (D) Every idle word shall account for on Judgment day -Matthew 12:36 & “The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books”-Rev 20:12

    (E) Egyptians symbolized the heart as fruit and the tongue as a leaf. Christians did the same in Matthew 12:33-34 The leaves of the tree of life are for healing in Revelations 22:2 We know Jesus words heals Matthew 8:16 therefore the leaves/Words is symbolic of Jesus. Furthermore, St Augustine states “Christ himself is prophetically called the Tree of life, because he is wisdom”-City of God Chapter 26.

    (F) The Egyptians were the first to declare a statement true by saying Amen, Amen twice. Thoth was called Twice great and Thoth meant truth.For example see the gospel of John 1:51 using Amen twice before a statement. Plutarch in Isis and osiris essay said when speaking about Amen “As if he were invisible and concealed, and implore him to make himself visible and manifest to them, they use the word Amen”.Jesus once said “You see all these things, do you not? Amen”-Matthew 24;2

    (G) The Catechism of the Catholic Church states. “The Hebrew, Amen comes from the same root as the word believe. This root expresses truthworthiness/faithfulness…God of truth literally the God of the Amen”. see Isa 65:16. Jesus was called Amen 2 Cor 1:20 In Egypt Amen came into being the first divine matter is Maat/truth.The Koran 14:19 as well as the OT & NT say that heaven and earth created with truth. The first chapter in the book of John has the word/truth creating the world. This philosophy is a stolen concept from Thoth in the Memphite theology of the Egyptians.

    (H) The Holman bible dictionary states that the second root word for the Hebrew word Faith is Aman. Aman is another word for the Egyptian Amen. Where is the evidence. Maybe in Paul who said “We walk by faith, not by sight”-2 Cor 5:7 But you still worhip in the light. The Egyptian Amen was unseen truth. This is why John 1:18 said “No man hath seen God at anytime”. Furthermore, God is called Immanuel in Matthew 1:23 which means God with us or ’His Amen is God”.

    (I) Jesus statement that he was the way, the truth and life may have hidden meanings. It may refer to the Egyptian concept of taking the dead to 1. the way (underworld) to be judged at the double halls of truth (2) in order to determine if you will receive eternal life (3). After the trial Thoth writes down his acquittal (Matthew 12:37) and then lets Horus take the deceased by the hand to his father Osiris. I’m leaning towards this concept because Jesus said there was signs in the sun/moon/stars that the kingdom is at Hand (Luke 21:25;31). Why? Because I know for a fact that Egyptians gods led “true of voice” subjects with crescent horns resembling hands to heaven.