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Apr 10, 2006
Proving the Niger Delta/Slave Coast was the Garden of Eden and the beginning of civilization, a new book “The Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution by Prince Justice”, argues that money and war at the foundations of Christian and Islamic religions will result in a karmic self-destruction of their civilizations, built on the enslavement of original Africans for over a thousand years.
The point of evolution or Garden of Eden was Africa’s largest coastal swamp, whose main delta the European named the Negro Delta, while its coast African-Americans ancestral homeland was named the Slave Coast. The abundance of the Yam Belt of the lowland rainforest encouraged social and spiritual growth, while having no need for war technology. This put them at a disadvantage to those who left and had to toil hard in arid environments, resulting in a Gangster’s Paradise mentality based on the survival of the fittest.
The Blackworld shows that Christian Crusades and Islamic Jihads, based on their interpretation of God’s will, were nothing but a mere quest for scarce resources. Now, with practically subjecting the world with their war ideologies, there would be no stopping until the sons of Abraham destroy themselves. Even though the Christians now count themselves civilized, with the introduction of ‘democracy’ and free trade ideologies, they still lack basic tolerance and the communal spirit at the heart of true democracy and free trade, as evolved in the true Garden of Eden.
Due to the abundance of the Garden of Eden’s Yam Belt, naturalistic ideologies reflected in cultures like the Yorubas/Ibos, shunned excessive consumption and allowed tolerance of all religions and true free trade that allowed the Christians and Muslims sow their seeds in their lands. They exhibited a true form of participative democracy until the advent of Christian/Islamic slavery, like how the effect of present day terrorism has seen the rolling back of the basic ideals of democracy in the U.S.A.
The Blackworld traces Muslim world ascendancy to Black West African goods and services, like cotton, tobacco, gold and slaves. To beat them, European Christians with their new gun technology devised a way to cut out the Saharan land route by going round the Northwest African coasts by sea to the Niger Delta, where they diverted away the resources from the Muslims and eventually overcame them. Like the Muslims, the European Christians were to gain their ascendancy through Black West African goods and services of gold, sugar, cotton, tobacco and slaves.
Now, facing each other, the only way to advert a total holocaust of the human race, is for the Black African to rise and tell the truth of human civilization to bring about a total paradigm change away from the ideology of war. Failure to talk or be heard will only lead to the total conflagration of the human race, brought about by the war-mongers who will not stop until all is destroyed. Blacks are not totally immune from this war syndrome since their acceptance of the ‘masta’s faith’ has also led to the gangster wars and local African wars, which is destroying the fabric of the already battered African way of existence.
The Blackworld: Evolution to Revolution by Prince Justice is published by Booksurge Publishers and is available on, and other outlets.


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Feb 26, 2013
Blacks are not totally immune from this war syndrome since their acceptance of the ‘masta’s faith’

The only Master's Faith we accept is that of our Only Master, our Father.

Caucasians didn't invent faith, and certainly not the faith which the Holy Son brought us all for salvation. He had to teach us, this generation, such a thing, for we were lost without it. And by His dying for our sins, and being resurrected the 3rd day, we have redemption in this faith, this belief we hold onto. Those who war over it fail to see what faith truly is, which isn't a battle of flesh, but on in the Spirit.

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