Black Short Stories : Christ is a Dixie Nig: From Alabama to Zoon town


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Jul 26, 2001
CHRIST IS A DIXIE *****: From Alabama to Zoon/Coon Town

By Andre Austin

(A Toast to the roast of Christ & A riotous Satire on Christian Racketeering!)

“…Your pink priests who whine about Pilate and Judas and Gethsemane I’d like

To hog-tie and dump into the stinking cells to write a New Testament

Around the Scottsboro Boys

Subdivide your million dollar temples into liquor taverns and high class

Whore-houses…my nigge…r Christ can’t get past the door anyway

Remember this, you wise guys

Your tales about Jesus of Nazareth are no-go with me

I’ve got a dozen Christ in Dixie all bloody and Black…” –Frank Marshall Davis

Dre came into the basement of a Church called “The Sheep of the Trinity” reciting the poem of Frank Marshall Davis only in part because it was too long to command the attention of these Catholic followers of Christianity. The Minister of the church Min. backwards collar said:

Min Backwards Collar (BC): I dare you come up in here and interrupt our Wednesday bible study class. I dare you come up in here like u somebody and try to take over my bible study class. May god strike up down with lightning right here right now.

Teacher Dre Dwight: Well can’t you see God has already struck my bald head with the lightning and nothing has happened. The Romans and Greeks thought it a noble honor to be hit with god’s bolt and now I’m inflicted with enlightenment and I care to share the light with you Christians. I didn’t come down here like the crazy mad man Roof. I came down here with 20 shoe boxes of catfish and chicken with some wine and cheese. While you’re listening and asking questions about my lectures you can all eat for free on my dime. Now do we have a deal?

Min. Backwards Collar: Well we have to take a vote. All those in favor raise your hands.

(All 20 bible students raised their hands high up in the air, and they wanted to listen to the message because they did care. The roof was on fire and they all craved for truth, knowledge was what they desire).

Deacon Jones: First let me ask you why did you come up in here singing that poem

Teacher Dre Dwight: That poem sets off the foundation of my speech here tonight. In the past peoples came up in here to kill you. I want you to appreciate like and have it as abundantly as Abraham and Joseph did when they were looking for Corn to eat and to worship the Corn-spirit of Osiris. We can’t take Christ killing as something that happened in the past we must look at all the Black Christ killed in the past 100 years too. The N word” By Jabari Asim takes us on a traveling odyssey to explore “Niggerology” that’s all of the adjectives used to express the word ****** from 1619-2007. I wrote a review of his book and somebody in the government or their sub-contractors edited out all of the adjectives of the word ****** I had wrote down. You see I learned their game; they try to alter my thesis or the begging of my essays and have it sprinkled miss spelled words to stop its connective flow. I’ve learned their little silly tricks. If they are willing to what else are they willing to do? You see this is why I can’t get my stuff published either unless I bankroll it myself. I’m poor so they can control me to a certain extent but I’m allowed to vent on the internet like everybody else.

Sister Johnson: So whats wrong with being with Christ and the 144,000?

Teacher Dre Dwight: Well those 144,000 have already been killed by Titus when he went to war with the Jews between 66-70AD. Those Christians and their tombstones will make up the foundation square and walls within the New City as talked about in the book of Revelations. Now before I move on let me say this. When I was in college my speech communication professor advised me to joke and use satire when criticizing religion because you can get more mileage from its fuel. He was right. You guy know about math when you take 144 inches it = 1 square foot and the New city is laid out in a square with 144 cubits being used for the wall. What about the foundation of America built upon the Dixie slaves who were lynched? What about that foundation. The Whiteman put us on trees and made us hang down from it like fruit. Bessie Smith called it strange fruit because it was unnatural for a human being to hang from a tree where an apple or a peace was to grow.

Sister Johnson: They didn’t just lynch the Blackman they cut off his penis and put it in his mouth. Why did they do this?

Teacher Dre Dwight: If you go read The Isis Papers by Frances Cress Welsing, a noted black psychiatrist, claims its all about white fear of their genetic survival because the love of the Blackman eliminates the color of white. And this is why they suppress our emigration to always be in a minority and created Planned Parenthood to eliminate us in our womb and not wait on us to reach 2 years old like Herod did. But we have been slaves for so long we are doing to ourselves what Satan used to do to us. Satan cut off Osiris penis from which all Egyptians wanted to be in the Afterlife so they practiced circumcision of the penis.

Deacon Jones: So basically you’re saying black people are practicing infanticide, homicide and suicide because of the Whiteman. What about personal responsibility?

Teacher Dre Dwight: You have to look at cause and effect which will lead you to the social engineering plots of the government. I’m gonna tell you something real deep. The real name of Christ was Lazarus. Jesus Christ was a Title. Lazarus was a composite figure of an infant Christ Lazarus and an adult Christ Lazarus. If you go read Caesar’s Messiah by Joe Atwill and read two essays The Myth of the world and Lazarus: the real Christ, oh and I forgot one more The New root and Branch we see the real Christ. The infant one was a Passover meal parody and the other was whipped and clipped and put on a table for supper. The last chapter of the OT gave you a clue to the game that was gonna be played and continues to be played on the Black Jews around the world and in America. Lets read the Bible. Read it out loud Sister Johnson

Sister Johnson: Malachi 4:1King James Version (KJV)

4 For, behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven; and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly, shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up, saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.

Therefore we have:

1. Passover Roast (Oven) in Exodus 12

2. Bake (Oven) of Manna (penis) in Exodus 16

3. Jesus (Lazarus Last Supper) in the NT

4. Lazarus (to serve man) At the Table in John 12

5. Cannibalism of OT is a sin of military defeat of Jews to the Romans who loved parading a God of a penis to their triumph circus

All serve as a continuation Roast (parody/satire) of Christ the Dixie ****** just link the dots.

Teacher Dre Dwight: This is exactly what they did to the infant and Adult Lazarus during the War of the Jews which is a parody of the New Testament. Why do you think you eat manna (penis) in their heaven (Rev 2:17 and Rev 19). But this is what happens when we are lynched here in America. W.E. B Dubois was shocked at Booker T Washington Compromise of 1895 speech. Dubois was going give Booker T a pass until he seen the pickled knuckles of a lynched Blackman inside a grocery store window. So Dubois would write Souls of Black Folk in part as his reaction to Booker T Washington speech in 1895 and the infamous continuation of the Dred Scott case in 1857 that evolved into the Plessy vs Fergusion case 1896 that said: “Separate but Equal”. When Lincoln gave a speech in colobus, Ohio in 1859 he was shocked and said: “The new Dred Scott decision that is to carry slavery into the Free States. Did you ever five years ago hear of anybody in the world saying that the Negro had no share in the declaration of National Independence; that it did not mean Negroes at all; and when “All men” were spoken of Negroes were not included?” (Abraham Lincoln speeches and writings 1859-1865 Library of America p.57). Its ironic that the “Separate but Equal” doctrine used the same language in the Declaration of Independence. The 14th amendment didn’t reverse Dred Scott therefore we need to reenact Frederick Douglass speech about it. And we must see ourselves reenacting the war propaganda of the Christ Dixie ****** of Rome. This includes the sex pistols of the Paddyrollers (Patrol offers) emasculating the Blackman and sending them to an early grave.

Sister Jones: So through Planned Parenthood and other methods we march ourselves and Fetus into the ovens and furnace of the hell fires to Moloch and Satan. We quit and submit to “Reactionary Suicide” like Rome lied about the Jews at the battle of Masada. You let white supremacy win when you commit suicide to a society more concerned about the animal rights of Lions and crocodiles. Now Frederick Douglass called a women who killed her infant so that the baby wouldn’t be a slave a blessed martyr. This reminds me of the book and movie Beloved by Toni Morrison.

Deacon Jones: So what do you think of Louis Farrakhan who likens himself to Christ. I heard him once say What you think will happen to America if something happens to him? Do you want to be at the table of L.F’s brotherhood?

Teacher Dre Dwight: Well I’ll tell you what will happen. The peoples legs will shake like Don Knots, their heads will shake from side to side, and then their eyes will roll like Ham looking upon the nakedness of Noah. Then there will a sudden silence and the answer will come: NOTHING will Happen. And I will not be invited to L.F’s table because I’m on the menu and I guess I will dine at MLK’s Table of brotherhood. L.F’s mother never gave him a hug and always criticized him so much that he in turn does the same to a destructive point. L.F will invite you to his house and load you down with vicious, unnecessary reckless smart-alecky remarks. He’s a joke within a joke.

Sister Johnson: So if we look upon People and treat them like our desire for crocodiles and Lions then we can advance our civilization. We must also treat Racism like a cancer or autism and have government programs and research to end it.

Deacon Jones: Yes we must turn away from Benign Neglect from the Moynihan report to the original Reconstruction of Benign Care. Yes we got Benign Racism. If you agree in public funds to repair Streets that have pot holes, Terrorism, Crime and Cancer why not battle racism together.

Sister Johnson: Because people are divided into groups and if they don’t get a benefit from it they will not agree to it. They just don’t know they can break the cycle of inheriting the sins of their ancestors. They only want to inherit the benefits. But once you buy a car you inherit the fast speed along with the oil leaks and rust.

Teacher Dre Dwight: Hopefully before its too late the masses of the people will be able to translate the New Testament’s and see it for what it is a “COOKBOOK” to serve man. They did not see the word “church” as coming from a goddess Circe who turns men into swine. Hopefully, I can get into some allies with the Catholics to stop 50% of the black females from throwing their babies into the Ovens and having Zombies eat their infant’s livers, hearts like they did the infant Lazarus (Christ) with Mary from the house of Hyssop (Passover) in the war of the Jews a satire of the NT. The Catholics are mad at me because I exposed the trinity as Vespasian, Titus and Domitian. Lucifer/Venus star gave birth to all three of them when God put a brick in Lucifer’s wing and he fell from the sky and gave birth to the above three. Titus is the virgin Christ from Venus 666 and Domitian is the Venus Christ from the seed of the morning star. This is why you have two Christ in the Bible a Virgin/Seed. The little letter of Jude describes the Venus Star in the same way as Pliny the Elder does in his Natural History.

Sister Johnson: So that’s why Matthew talks about a virgin and Paul talks about a seed.

Teacher Dre Dwight: yes the three were in completion for the Christ position. The first three Gospels speak of the father and Son (Vespasian and Titus). And Paul’s letter’s and Revelations focus on Domitian as the Christ. Titus and Domitian were bi-sexual. Domitian sodomized Paul while wearing the mask of the Anibus dog mask. Anibus was known in the OT as a sodomite. Why do you think Paul said that a dog mutilated his flesh? But I think its all poetic justice. The Christians have persecuted gay people now they are reaping what they sow. The secret is now out of the closet. The Christians have been tricked and fooled into worshiping a gay Christs instead of the Dixie Niggaa.a Lazarus (Osiris), the original corn-spirit. But now you’re caught up in the Revenge of the Inverts (homosexuals) vs the Converts, Fool’s conversion to Caesar’s Christ

Deacon Jones: We have about 15 minutes before we have to close up. Do you have any concluding remarks?

Teacher Dre Dwight: Thank you for inviting me to this historic building. Way back in 1822 the Whiteman burned this church down because of the conspiracy of Vesey. But we don’t die we multiply. John Brown plotted in the spirit of Nat turner who was inspired by Vesey and Toussaint. Martin Luther king sung John Brown’s Body song in his last speech in his last sentence. You are not mindless sheep. The original Christ Lazarus was a freedom fighter who opposed Titus (Satan). You don’t forgive those who don’t ask for. Roof was inflicted the illness outlined in The Isis Papers he hated the black man’s penis and thought we were getting too much political domination. When Roof came in you were not able to see he had on red pannie hoes of Satan under his jeans so you let him in without submitting him to a search. So he lit you up as a pilot light in the Ovens of his racism. But he picked on the wrong church and his Race war dreams where put out. And now he’s in a jail cell waiting on his time to be executed.

Sister Johnson: So who do you want to have an ally with?

Teacher Dre Dwight: All those bleeding heart White folks who can sing John Brown’s Body. I will light up a watermelon on the lawn of every Whiteman who takes up arms in the spirit of John Brown. I will smear the juice on their doorsteps as a Passover in order that they might be saved. Because in reality freedom comes by the ballot or the bullet. Farrakhan wants you to think it comes by a Space ships loaded up with guns. Farrakhan thinks he’s Klaatu from the science fiction movie The Day when the Earth stood Still (1951) but he has no diplomatic skills because his mother never gave him a hug. Avoid Jim jones and the like. And Avoid that nonsense from the Moynihan report. I have a quiz. Why are black people still slaves?

1. God’s will and because of Ham’s curse

2. Genetics (IQ ability)

3. Social engineering.

Moniyniham wants you to believe in 1 and number 2 but its all about social engineering. You know when I see the design of The projects with floors stacked on top of each other like rats. You know they did studies of Rats clustered up together and gave them drugs and half-starved them. Guess the results were homicide of each other. I went to a book published way back in 1997 Lest we Forget it had an interactive design of a slave ship. It pictured slaves stacked upon eachother just like the housing projects do. Do you know the two most important documents the ship captain had was a map and insurance papers, which from the last is the landlords primary concern.

An ally coming from the White House is a frozen dream too. He’s mad too because the truth came out that the author of Christ is a Dixie Niggar poem written by Frank Marshall Davis is the real father of Obama. Just go to Joel Gilbert’s movie and website. Auma looks nothing like Obama but Lynn Davis the daughter of Frank Marshall Davis is a spitting image. Obama half-brother was nowhere in sight when he went to Kenya because he told Joel Gilbert he wanted a DNA test. So they sicked the IRS on me not for that but because their spy bugs over heard me saying Michelle Obama had a big bootie in the local barber shop (LOL). Well its true she got junk in da trunk. In reality I was more fascinated with Davis’s Sex rebel: Black book. This is where I learned of his sexual conquering of Ann and them. You know Ann, the mother of Obama. But I say to Obama and to Farrakhan you can still correct the information on your birth certificates of your true fathers.

Obama’s presidency is basically a Sex Rebel: Black Part II because like his father he was bi-sexual and gave freedom to the gays in the military and in federal jobs which was cool because I’m against the persecution of gay people. Now that doesn’t mean that I’m gay, although I stand accused, like the record says from Isaac Hayes. But the harvest is near you reap what you sow. Now you must live with the fact that you worship the Trinity from which two were gay. Save yourself and come back and worship the original Christ who was a Dixie ***** who had corn-pepper hair braided up from its wool. Do you want the wool of Christ or the velvet touch of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian? The Gospel is not a religion its war propaganda from Rome. To eat or not to eat is the Question. In their heaven the sign reads: “Hotdogs for eternity”. Bake it, Roast it, boil it or let it burn all up in the Oven.


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Jul 26, 2001

When Obama gave the Eulogy of Rev Pickney he should of cited his fathers poem in full instead of singing Amazing Grace of a white slave captain of a ship responsible for black lives dying. Why? Because black lives matter. I would be proud of Frank Marshall Davis if he was my Dad. If you don’t believe he’s his dad go watch Joel Gilbert’s film Dreams from my real father or go to his website for documentation.

Mel Gibson movie about the Passion of Christ was half brilliant. He was dumb not stupid. Gibson held back. Why? He didn’t show Jesus on the cross naked and castrated because he didn’t want you to get the connection of a similar lynching of all the Christ Dixie ****** here in the wilderness of North and South America.

Obama could of played it safe and recited from Langston Hughes poem: “Christ in Alabama:Christ is a nigggaa.a:

Christ is a,
Beaten and black--O, bare your back.
Mary is His Mother
Mammy of the South,
Silence your Mouth.

God's His Father--White Master aboveGrant us your love.

Most holy bastard
Of the bleeding mouth:
****** ChristOn the cross of the South


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