Brother AACOOLDRE : Chretos & Christianity: which one came first???

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    CHRETOS & CHRISTANITY: Which came first????

    By Andre Austin

    Chrestos was an epithet ascribed to Osiris. When the Romans got their hands on the NT they used Chretos and Christianity as a perversion to the originally applied to individuals that freed people from slavery now used to capture souls in slavery

    [​IMG] Egyptian cross

    The Greek Chi (X) which is the first letter in Christos lends credence to the thesis of the Egyptian KRST serving as the origin of Christ.

    The fat of the sacred Nile crocodile, the croc was known in Egypt as Messeh- and from this comes the Hebrew term “Messiah” which means “Anointed One”.

    The word Christ=Anointed with oil. And you can go into any grocery store and get some Chrestos oil for your cooking.

    Lard is nothing but congealed oil from which Jordan Maxwell say we get the word Lord.

    Appropriate biblical term Chrestians not Christians. Chrestian is a moniker related to the popular epithet Chrestos= the Good, or useful, virtuous and easy as at Matthew 11:30:

    “My yoke is easy and my burden is light”

    This is insane for we know Jesus tells followers to take up his cross (Luke 9: 23 & Mark 10:21).

    [​IMG]Christian Cross

    The burden wasn’t light when Simon/Peter took up his cross (Matthew 16:22-25 & Luke 23:26) and was marched to Rome by Titus to be castrated and turned upside down from a cross/stake for denying peace to Titus three times. Peter then turned into a Rooster/C.ock to signify a Roman victory see Cicero The Nature of the Gods. Peter then became the substitute Cross/penis who passes his keys to the Catholic popes

    Paul in his letter to Philemon 1:10-11 makes use of a man called Onesimus (meaning useful) to say once he became a son in Chains (yoke) he went from useless and became useful. Recall Paul advocates slaves obey masters whether or not they treat them good or bad.

    This is Rome misuse of the word Christ original applied to David who saves the Jews from Giants; Christ Moses who Shepard’s Jews away from slavery, Christ Cyrus who frees Jews from Babylon.

    Become a Christian and be useful to Rome and run to pay Tribute/Taxes, be Pacific’s when under tyranny and worship the flesh of Christ under the original Trinity of Vespasian, Titus and Domitian and now the succession of Popes who unite secretly under the code of 666 and have their follower in metaphor eat the phallus of Jesus in the Eucarist;s wafer/mushroom.

    The original Gnostic Christians were called Chretos because they believed in a spiritual Christ who didn’t appear in flesh (1John 4:2-3). Bassilides started the Gnostic movement in Syria and this is why the word Christian was first used in Antioch (Acts 26:28 1 Peter 4:16). Bassilides was a contemporary with Titus and this is why the Koran states that Jesus didn’t die on the cross but it appeared to be a substitute (Peter). Jesus did come in the flesh as a parody of the Flesh and military campaigns of Titus whish Jesus ministry parrots. Now take the word Gospel into the original Greek of “Euaggelion”=Good news of military victory. Rome won the military victories not the Jews therefore we know Titus fooled the Jews into worshiping his trinity or dynasty as the Chretos or Christian who are Satan who had the war propaganda of the gospels written in his image of 666.2 the second monster of Nero.

    Notes: His messianic Title “Lord” derived from Psalm 110:1

    “Now the Lord is the spirit, and where the spirit is, there is freedom” (2 Cor 4:17) Basically the NT have souls being free at death but in life slaves to Romans.

    The truth sets you free derived from Egyptian Maat (truth) sets Tongue free. The admonitions of Maat set up the 42 negative confession from which the Ten commandments are based. This is why James 2:12 says “The law gives freedom”.

    Ancient Egyptian words for freedom came from the basic meaning of wind (spirit) see Black Athena writes back By Martin Bernal p.356.