Black Relationships : Choosing between the *Mature* or *Young* Woman...

Do You Prefer *Younger* or *More Mature* (Older) Women?

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ShemsiEnTehuti said:
That's why I said "in excess of 5 years", meaning much more than that. If you don't mind me asking, did the age difference of 5 years contribute to the separation between you and your first wife, or was it something else?
a little maybe but not so much.
at that point in my life it was good for me to be with her.
I just want an intelligent, mature, but at the same time attractive, sister to grow with regardless of age. I have just been connecting with more older women than younger.
Sounds reasonable. OK, so your dating potentalities are further broadened with that boldened statement. Seek wisely, and you shall find.


The only place I truly enjoyed competing was on the college football field or semi-pro baseball diamond! What I detested most were “girls” who were so uncomfortable and/or unfamiliar with their true-selves that the entire “scene” – from social to sexual – was like the old Superstars competition that used to come on ABC. Once I had my first older woman – who was confident, comfortable, curious, daring, intelligent, gorgeous, and as freaky as all get-out, I became totally turned off to/by the youth trying to discover herself. I now leave that for the brothers who’s lot it is to break-in, mold, delude (et. al., so they think) the young ladies. Give me a sexy, intelligent WOMAN any day!!!!! 24/7/365!!!

ahhh when making that choice it's beyond age as long as she is of age
i've had experience dealing with both sides of the coin which led me to
venture into her mental and notice her heart see where her set goals are
if they short or long term.

I'll be safe to say both .............
Originally Posted by: Spicybrown
Seek wisely, and you shall find.

Very, very well said SpiceB!
I would also like to add to this thread. I suppose it all boils down to a man and his priorities. Do you want substanence in a woman or do you want frivilous activity.
That does not mean that all young woman are frivilous and childish. I know several older women who act more like they are 16 than 50. There are many younger women who behave in a mature manner, proving that age ain't nothin but a number.
Like SpiceB stated earlier be wise and patient for both qualities are virtuous and will definatly pay off in the long run.

sweettee, love


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