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Do You Prefer *Younger* or *More Mature* (Older) Women?

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Aug 28, 2006
Florida, USA
Being 25 years old, I still consider myself youthful, yet mature and somewhat distinguished. I have found my self to be the object of desire both by women around my age and those considerably older. For instance, there are two young ladies that have been vying for my attention, one is 24 and the other is 21. Both are very attractive and on theIr ways to becoming successful professional Black women. However, there is a sister who does it for me even more than these young women, and she is much older than myself (in excess of 5 years).

The older woman is much more confident and straight-forward than the younger women, which makes her far more sexy in my opinion. Both the young and older women I am talking about are very intelligent people, but perhaps it is the more mature woman's wisdom that draws me toward her. I have always said that I need a woman that knows what she wants, not just to want some guy to take care of her. The younger women seem to not really have it together, while the older one knows what she wants out of life and has clear expectations from a man. I sometimes feel as if I am deluding myself thinking on the long-term with this woman, even though everything feels so right.

Another thing is how younger women tend to want you to give them special attention, spend money, and so forth to prove to them that you are serious. With the more mature women, you will most likely do all those things anyhow, but they have already sized you up and wouldn't be giving you the time if they didn't already want to get it on with you (that is unless you really screw up). On the positive side for the younger women, they tend to be more energetic. There also isn't as much risk of her not wanting children as a woman already upwards from 30.

Anyhow, have any brothers here experienced this dilemma before? Also, are their any *mature* and *young* women to give their input?
Since I'm darn near twice your age, I prefer a mature, younger woman. For a number of different reasons which I shall not elaborate on here.


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