Black Poetry : Choices


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Jul 23, 2003
i'ma peach
PD for a Non Profit
We all got choices in life
I have made my choice
It's time for you to make yours
Deal with what you can control
And stop trying to control me...
Please stop it with the veiled threats
Leave if you are so unhappy
You are not going to make me be
With you by threatening to leave me
Leave me? Bruh we ain’t together
I told you that I needed space
Either you are going to give it to me
Or you can leave if you don’t
Want to wait
I really don’t have the time
Or the inclination to continue this
We let things go to far without
Repairing what was going on
I don’t like to argue
You don’t like anything that
Can be confused with being serious
Everything has to be lighthearted
Well everything was lighthearted
And peachy keen, on the up and up
Until the bottom fell out
And I got tired of fronting
The fact of the matter is that
You are a great man
A wonderful person
You deserve all the perfect
Loveliness God has made in this world
You just deserve from some one else
That some one else may be me
Just not the woman that stands
Before you today
I have to do me, get myself together
And then maybe I can think about us
I don’t know if we can ever get back
To the place we were before
I can’t tell you what to do
I can’t tell you what I’ll do
All I can say is
Either you can respect that or you can leave
Those are the only options


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